A colorful balcony, oh yes!


A colorful balcony, oh yes!


The desire to squat the balcony returns with the sunny days, so it's high time toto interest in its decoration (if it's not already done), and a color deco, please! Armchair, carafe, paint, carpet ... Here are colorful ideas that give pep to your balcony.

Color your balcony, to make it pleasant and joyful it is fastoche! Combine some accessories, necessarily colors: multiply the patterned cushions, dispatches some vitamin pots, superimpose the carpets, fill with ideas to brighten your balcony and make it the new living space where to hang out in your apartment (or house).

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1. Colorful planters for a kitchen garden on the balcony

To give a little bit of green and colors on your balcony, think of the kitchen garden, you can create one in a planter! And they require little space (0.3 m2), especially since they have the advantage of stacking, which multiplies the possibilities of development. Clever !

The extra stuff: Drip of water from top to bottom which limits watering.

In picture : Greens Mini Planter by Studio Maiori - Price 355 euros. Maiori design

Maiori Design

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2. A tart table for mini balcony

You think your balcony too small to take full advantage of it? Think again, with some adapted furniture and if possible color, it could become your new living room. Do not you see yourself sitting by this table to take breakfast and aperitif?

The extra stuff: fastening to the rush.

In picture : Yuno balcony table in steel. H 69 x W 64 x D 60 cm - Price: 39,95 euros. Casa


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3. Sunny furniture for a comfortable and optimized exterior

You have a little more room, go for real outdoor table and chairs ! These, solar revisit the bistro furniture for a happy and friendly atmosphere.

The extra stuff: designed for small spacesthese chairs slip under the table when not in use.

In picture : outdoor furniture in thermo-lacquered metal and metal legs, Tice collection, 189 euros. Made.com


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4. Colored fabrics to dress the balcony

Note to fashion designers: and if you made a few pretty mattress ? 1, 2, 3 or more, superimposed on the floor or on the sofa, for optimal comfort. Separate the tissues and change the order of stacking, depending on the mood. In two steps, three movements, you will have the impression of change of decor.

The extra stuff: you create, you decide. We are never better served than by ourselves

In picture : fabric by the meter, multicolored, Sommar 2018 - Price: 5 euros / meter. Ikea


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5. Paint (partially) the walls of his balcony

Color your balcony with a roller! A whole wall, a half, a corner ... it's up to you to see. Framing mirrors, the painting seems here accentuate the depth of space. Before you start, make sure that you are not subject to restrictions.

The extra stuff: sustainable, this idea remains very economical.

In picture : Leroy Merlin outdoor painting.

Leroy Merlin

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6. Flashy cushions for a balcony full of life

You wanted color, so go for it! Overlay the pink, orange, blue cushions... mix prints, hues and styles, do not be afraid! On the edge of the window door, against a wall, in an armchair, there will be always a place for your cushions.

The extra stuff: accumulate as many cushions as you want, your balcony will gain comfort.

In picture : cushion with pompoms 50 x 50 cm, 80% cotton, 20% acrylic - Price: 10 euros


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7. Bright colored planters

Give a little bit of pep to your balcony thanks to some colored planters. This one, in addition to displaying a nice hue water green, is equipped with a solar lamp and transforms, at night, into mood lighting, and continues showcase your flowers.

The extra stuff: operating without cable, the pot cover remains nomadic.

In picture : Flower Light, made of synthetic material. High quality solar lighting with optimal charging time. Only for outdoor use. The lampshade contains an exchangeable battery with an average life of 2 years. Ø27cm x H62cm - Price: 36 euros.


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8. An umbrella to animate a balcony

You want color but want something discreet? Think of the umbrella (or half umbrella), it will bring in time this color note that you are looking for.

The extra stuff: a dream format for small areas.

In picture : half sunshade Séréna, polyester / aluminum. L 265 x H 234 cm - Price: 39 euros. Hesperide


9. A flower tablecloth

When you have an outside, you like to eat there. Use a flowery waxed tablecloth (like here), you will energize your balcony and protect your table.

The extra stuff: a quick sponge is enough to maintain the tablecloth.

In picture : oilcloth Pollen Tilleul, non-woven support and printed PVC sheet - Price: 5,90 euros / linear meter. Venilia


10. Rugs to set the mood on the balcony

Just pot of things for brighten up a balcony, especially if you intend to make it your second salon. Turn to rug graphs, maybe ethnic ones (like here). Depending on the place, combine 2 to 3 different ones. They will then wake up a set of furniture (too) classic.

The extra stuff: play with the colors of your planters and create a harmony of tones with your plantations.

In picture : Star carpet - Price: - 120 x 170 cm: 45 euros - 160 x 230 cm - 80 euros


11. A refreshing red barbecue

Make your balcony more punchy thanks to the table accessories. Inseparably sunny days, the barbecue is one of those who will not leave your outside, so prefer it in a bright color.

The extra stuff: compact, this barbecue is easily stored in the form of a toolbox. Stylish!

In picture : Toolbox barbecue made of steel. H 22 x W 20 x W 4 cm - Price 89 euros


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12. Pop-colored bottles

And in the same vein do you offer a little bit of colorful tableware. No need to remake your housewife, just one or two carafes and a few glasses.

The extra stuff:prefer the glass plastic is more responsible.

In picture : bottle of lemonade in glass, 1 L - Price: 2, 50 euros. Conforama