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Looking for info on bathrooms Ikea? Here they are…

Ikea is the kitchen, but also the bathroom with bathroom furniture, accessories ... giving us the urge to dive into the Ikea 2014 bathroom catalog and select the best one for you.

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Small bathroom furniture to optimize space

Page 12 of the Ikea Bathroom 2014 catalog: to be in a good mood in the morning, this Ikea Lillangen bathroom in an orange decor optimizes the space: a linen cupboard, a piece of furniture overlooking the washing machine, a small washbasin cabinet with mirror cabinet above, shelves ... In addition there are luminaires framing the mirror and a carpet to make a color reminder. The Lillangen series specially designed for small spaces: 395 euros.

An all-white bathroom for maximum clarity

On the cover of the catalog Bathroom Ikea 2014: Godmorgon / Edeboviken element with 2 drawers and washbasin 289 euros, except mixer. We love this bright and modern bathroom. The furniture without handle is practical and contemporary. The white goes well with the wood but also with the color.

White and traditional furniture for a cozy bathroom

Page 10 of the Ikea Bathroom 2014 catalog: a sober and elegant bathroom, with Ikea Hemnes furniture in black and white. Classical but ingenious, this bathroom furniture is composed of a ceramic sink, open or closed storage and a mirror element. Hemnes bathroom with cabinet 2 drawers, washbasin 60 cm and mixing valve: 387 euros.

Contemporary look for a functional bathroom

Pages 4 and 5 of the Ikea Bathroom 2014 catalog: with a contemporary line, this Godmorgon bathroom includes a 2-drawer vanity unit, a mixer tap, a 2-door mirror high cabinet, a mirror cabinet element. Bathroom Godmorgon: 1075 euros.

Occasional bathroom furniture

Page 14 of the 2014 Ikea Bathroom catalog: we love this small, well thought-out and cheerful bathroom. Shelves on the wall, stool that makes storage, trolley furniture on wheels ... Solid poplar Molger series tinted. Trolley 35 euros, wall shelf 35 euros and stool with storage 29 euros.

Shelves with very different styles

The bathroom catalog Ikea 2014 has many shelves for the bathroom. You will find both "very classic" white wood, brown wood for a more distinguished style but also epoxy painted steel (wrought iron look) for a bathroom more "romantic" and rustic. Prices do not go beyond 89 euros.

Deep furniture for the smallest bathrooms

Page 16 of the Ikea Bathroom 2014 catalog: depending on the size of your room, you can buy furniture that is wide but shallow or inversely thin but deep. Customize your furniture with different colors, mirrors and number of shelves. Storage from 29 to 70 euros.

Mixers from 29 euros

Ikea mixers are designed to use less water without losing pressure. Prices range from 29 euros for the most basic, chrome brass (height: 16 cm) to 89 euros for the large model (25 cm). A model in brass painted white epoxy (18 cm) is sold at 69 euros.

The cover of the bathroom catalog Ikea 2014

Finally, we selected this bathroom delicate and very clear. It contains a Storjorm mirror element with integrated LED lighting, very economical. The Godmorgon 2 drawers and washbasin unit is a timeless piece. Godmorgen / Edeboviken furniture 2 drawers and washbasin 289 euros. Except mixer.

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