Small child's room: well thought out furniture


Small child's room: well thought out furniture


Furnish one small child's room is sometimes complicated and a little more when you want to make originality. Library, tray, shelf... House side spotted for you 10 small furniture and storage systems smart and stylish for arrange your child's room.

There are more and more furniture and storage solutions with a well-marked character, destined for the rooms of our little ones. Small library, trolley on wheels, trunk, bench, wall bracket ... This type of furniture offers (re) creative lines, refreshing colors and even more sober, for ever more functionality. This is even more the case when it is imagined for a small child's room. These 10 pieces of furniture and accessories Deco and smart storage for your child's small room proves it!

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A fun and practical library

File in your room

Teepee shaped, this library should convert the most intrepid of your "cowboys" to the love of storage. What we like: openings that allow the library to be placed against a wall, diagonally or in the center of a room to become a partition ...

In picture : Sioux shelf in solid pine - Price 221 euros. Nordic Factory

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A colorful storage bin for storing toys


Simplicity and efficiency. Open, this toy box, books, blankets or other, minimizes the constraint of storage. What we like It is easy to carry. From the bedroom to the living room, nothing should drag out.

In picture : metal tray with wheels yellow. 45 x 20 cm. 4 wheels. 4 side handles - Price: 65 euros. Cyrillus.

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A vintage storage cabinet for the nursery


This library highlights the pretty collections of books and trinkets from your little end and lets it hide his bazaar behind his doors. Hop, neither seen, nor known. What we like: its very "Scandinavian" design doped with turquoise.

In picture : blue library for child, Vintage. Made of acacia wood and MDF. 115 x 65 x 30 cm - Price: 99.99 euros, Alinéa

Custom wall storage


To save space, the ideal remains to gain height ... These wall storage, deep enough, turn into shelves. What we like: the modularity of the system. Small and large bins / big bins only, you create your own storage solution "too fast".

In picture : Trofast storage system with wall box, white pine light pine, 93 x 30 cm - Price: 30 euros and Bac, white - Price: 1,50 euro, Ikea

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2 in 1 crates for the room


These storage boxes to superimpose will become, at will, bedside table, shelf, console ... What we like : their silhouette that reminds us of the crates of mechanics. The undue spirit is there, warmed by the wood.

In picture : Toys storage cube in wood, 30 x 38 x 33 cm - Price: 29.99 euros

A Scandinavian way

World Houses

Convenient, this rack is equipped with a drawer in which your teen will store his little things. He will be able to hang some clothes and even some plants. What we like: the outline of this structure.

In picture : wearing Joy, 160 x 80 x 49 cm - Price: 149 euros

A discreet storage system


Shelves here, lockers there ... Imagine the storage system the most suitable for your child's room. Here, everything that needs to be accessible to your toddler is. What we like: its lightness. The layout almost disappears.

In picture : Suspended system and Utility range. Vice-Versa shelves, perforated headband and accessories. White steel. 160 x 240 cm - Price: 586 euros

The timeless trunk-bench

File in your room

The toy box that turns into a bench, a classic that we are not ready to tire of. What we like: the alliance of a vintage form and a modern color. The day your "little one" has passed the age of this type of furniture, get it for your entry, for example.

In picture : gray toy box, cover with retarder cylinder. 80 x 50 x 45 cm. (Internal dimensions: L70 x H36.5 x H34 cm) - Price 275 euros. Laurette

Simply stylish furniture


Compact and minimalist, this small furniture in gray has class. Let's bet he will accompany your child for several years. What we like: the many storage spaces he hides.

In picture : Brindisi storage 2 doors / 1 drawer / 3 inner shelves. Color: gray, gray heather 85 x 98 x 42 cm - Price: 199,90 euros.

A small ventilated cabinet

Leo the Pirate

Deposited on a kind of bench, this child wardrobe offers a beautiful volume of storage: combining many shelves and a wardrobe, without being too imposing. Its fish doors in relief, the shelves similar to niches of different colors make it a real furniture deco! We crack.

In picture : Recycled wood cabinet from FSC certified forests, non-toxic finishes, eco-friendly products. Dimensions: 90 x 40 x H 190 cm. Edited by Xo - in my room - Price: 1 430 euros.