Pinterest: great decor ideas for small corners



Nuevo Estilo

Even if it is not the most elegant room in the house, the toilets decorate and give life to some fantasies. Whether urban-inspired, sleek or mixing styles, WCs are also entitled to decor. Here is a Pinterest selection to make you want to decorate your toilet ...

We take inspiration from these stylish toilets which, unlike the normal ones, prefer to assume their decorating side. So we forget the stereotype of old-fashioned toilets to pick some ideas in this selection of Pinterest photos. Room for decryption ...

1. A toilet with a minimalist decor


The toilets have a simplistic decor playing on a minimalist side very trendy. A modern touch that continues in the integration of storage. Indeed, embedded in the wall painted a matte black color, they disappear completely and do not clutter the room. A way to cleverly hide all the unsightly objects in the toilet. And to give style to the servant and the brush, they make them gain height.

Photo via Pinterest by Standaard.

2. Opt for the total look in the toilet


Soft and soothing the gray color fits perfectly into the toilet. It imposes itself with the tiling on the wall of the bottom whose lines energize this total gray look to offer to the WC a refined decoration. We also remember the solution of the recess which naturally arranges a shelf very practical to install some elements of decoration. We totally adhere to this delicate decor!

Photo via Pinterest by Karwei.

3. Combine styles in the toilet

Nuevo Estilo

The most surprising thing in these toilets is the choice of decoration! Brick imitation wallpaper and suspended toilets very modern, at first glance everything suggests that these toilets opt for an urban look. Yet, if we look more closely a few vintage touches are added to this urban decor. We note in particular the mirror and sink that combine perfectly with the old parquet floor. The combination of these two styles could very quickly become heavy and yet the decor of the toilet is skilfully realized to give rise to a harmonious composition.

Photo via Pinterest by Nuevo Estilo.

4. Choose a patterned toilet wallpaper


For a crisp decor, why not opt ​​for the patterned wallpaper? Dynamic and captivating, it covers the walls of your WC giving them more life. A way to express yourself with humor in this often neglected room. Take the example of these toilets ... their look black & white catches the eye and it is not counting on the choice of wallpaper. With motifs reminiscent of tree branches, it wakes up and energizes the room while offering a coherence to the choice of the decor. Another advantage of the toilet: the wall and ceiling painted black that contrast with the tapestry to provide more depth and character to the toilet.

Photo view on Pinterest.

5. We say yes to the doghouse to put in the toilet

Bolig Magasinet

Very modern, the toilets adopt a purified look with the omnipresence of white and yet they are distinguished by some original touches. We notice immediately the brush that seems to come out of the wall! In addition to the choice of steel is clever since the brilliance of this material stands out very well on a white background. As for the niche placed just above the suspended toilet, it provides a perfect storage space to accommodate a reading area. A way to spend time with style ...

Photo via Pinterest by Bolig Magasinet.

6. A composition of frames for a museum look in the toilet

Sponge Design

We already like the use of matte black paint that immediately dresses the walls, but most of this toilet is still the composition of frames. Original and colorful, the paintings are reminiscent of an exhibition hall or a museum, so they attract attention and make you want to enter the room. Especially since each image attracts the eye and lets think about the choice of the subject, a clever way to pass the time ... The decoration of the toilet is therefore punctuated by this intriguing composition.

Photo via Pinterest by Design Sponge.

7. Recess the storage in the WC wall

Mad & Bolig

Again very simplistic, the decoration of the toilet remains uncluttered. Sparingly, the decor is organized around the 6 niches that make up a large storage space. A way to avoid bulky furniture that often takes up too much space in this small room. To note, the solution of the baskets which organize and conceal the unattractive objects often present in the toilets. We also like, suspended toilets whose rounded shape softens the decor.

Photo via Pinterest by Mad & Bolig.