The wood will float in your interior


The wood will float in your interior

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You reported a driftwood end of the beach and you want to integrate it into your interior? House side spotted, on Instagram, 12 ideas easy to reproduce. They will breathe a holiday wind to your decoration.

Driftwood finds multiple uses in interior decoration. Beached at the seasideit fits in the current trend of "to do something new with old ". Polished, smoothed by salt water it can serve as a base for many of your DIY deco projects. By wearing, mobile child or suspended photos ... it breathes a refreshing edge of the beach to our interior. Discover 12 ideas to turn your driftwood into a decorative accessory.

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1. A driftwood clothes rack

You came across a long driftwood branch? Instead of letting it hang along a wall or in the garage or abandon it, try to make it wearing clothes. Here, a branch associated with two feet, turns into a single storage.

2. A mobile for baby

Stripped of its bark, this small piece of wood becomes the perfect support for a mobile child. Associated with pastel paper foldsthe wood softens. An easy DIY and inexpensive to reproduce urgently to infuse a touch of character and authenticity to the room of the little one.

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3. A support for your weaves

DIY Pro? So you're probably not at your first weaving! Why do not you use driftwood picked up by the sea to hang it on the wall and so highlight it. Wood swollen by sea water and small shells will immediately transport your mind on the beach.

4. A suspension in cotton and driftwood to highlight a small plant

A piece of driftwood can just as easily replace a banal smooth wood and give a push to one Wall decoration. Here, a flower pot swings on an ecru macramé. This project, to realize oneself from A to Z, will occupy the followers of the handmade decor.

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5. An original decorative object

When the wood and metal meet, the result is at least original. Here, a section of driftwood serves as a support for a cactus-shaped metal structure. A wink which does not lack spice.

6. Driftwood, even at the bedside

Natural and raw element, the wood instantly brings a touch of authenticity to the decor. Associated with a light garland, it softens and blends into the atmosphere cocooning from the room.

7. A natural lantern in driftwood and glass

You picked up lots of little pieces of wood? So this project is for you. Around a glass tealight, fix the wood with glue. A cord solidifies the whole. A natural deco accessory easy to make yourself.

8. A raw wooden shelf

Raw and solid piece, the driftwood easily finds its place in our interior. Here a large piece has been turned into a shelf, surmounted by a few plants, nature takes possession of your walls!

9. A wall decor with a marine theme

On the abandoned beach, seashells and driftwood! This DIY style decoration is a good way to bring a piece of your vacation home. Hanging on strings, small pieces of wood and shells become a wall suspension unique in it's genre.

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10. A home-made keychain

And if a simple piece of wood found on the beach became your best ally to stop losing your keys? Sanded and equipped with small hooks, this driftwood becomes practical and aesthetic. To place preferably in the entry.

11. A light suspension

On a suspension, the driftwood instantly infuses a beachside house spirit. To buy or to make oneself with some pieces only. Also well colored, the suspension gives pep to the room.

12. Driftwood to display family photos

Pictures that you would like to expose without confining them to the frame? What if you used a piece of driftwood? Combined with thin cords and clothespins, the Driftwood makes sensation.

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