How to tidy up and organize your office in September?

How to tidy up and organize your office in September?

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No more holidays ... The start time has come for the little ones, as for us. Abandoned during the summer, the workspace deserves a little attention. So we go there, guided by the pro storage and office organization Bérangère Boidevezi.

Want to optimize your office with ingenuity? Looking for deco ideas to make it look great? That's good, the editorial staff called Bérangère Boidevezi, site storage advisor We put everything away! to the rescue. How to sort your papers and organize your workspace? What types of space saving storage to adopt? In 2016, we start the new season with a tidy office.

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If for some, a "tidy" office is a space ultra bare, for others, it is rather a table filled with very specific accessories and covered with organized batteries. "This is very subjective!" Begins the expert.

When you want to organize your office effectively, what should you start with?

Bérangère Boidevezi : Choosing the right accessories, we always come back! To start a sorting and not being able to sort correctly what has just been sorted amounts to doing nothing. Since, invariably, the stack of sorted documents will not find a suitable place on the workspace ...

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Tips for optimizing space on a classic desk?

B. B. : If you have room on your desk, start by putting a pencil (or more), a bunk to store your documents to sort, bills to pay ... And place on the shelves color cardboard file folders or metal, or A4 boxes that will contain all documents to keep.

Bannette with letters and documents, H 7.7 x D 36.5 x W 24.2 cm: 11.95 euros, on Onrangetout.com

We put everything away!

And on a small desk?

B. B. : If your work table is small, take care not to clutter it unnecessarily! A letter holder will do the trick to hold all the papers you need. And think about using partitions to hang wall storage accessories.

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Folded shelves by Johan Van Hengel. Dimensions (3 different lengths): small size: 50 x 22 x 6.9 cm / medium size: 62 x 16.5 x 12.4 cm / large size: 95 x 13 x 11.4 cm. Material: acrylic. Price: 95 euros for small format / 119 euros for medium format and 159 euros for large format. Muuto, at Fleux '


What types of storage to prioritize? Models to advise us?

B. B. : I like the color file folders! The vertical models accommodate all pockets of documents to keep, with dedicated labels, very convenient to navigate. On a shelf or in a closet, they do not take up too much space. For photos or drawings of children, I am a fan of A4 or A3 boxes red and gray. I think it also requires a storage suitable for all the little things that hang on the desk: paper clips, post-it, pencils ... For this, several small boxes or a desk organizer compartments are very good!

When I work at home, I have a fool. Depending on my mood, I like working in the kitchen, my bedroom and even outside. In order not to waste time, I chose a cardboard case that includes my computer, a notebook, pencils ... It's my little nomad office. I love it !

The nomadic office of Bérangère - Storage case in anthracite gray cardboard, with visible rivets. With 2 cardboard pencil pots and rigid handle to carry it. L 35.5 x H 28.5 x W 20 cm. 29,50 euros on Onrangetout.com

We put everything away!

Tips and tricks to hide unsightly cables?

B. B. : Unfortunately I have not yet found the miracle solution ... I then fix the cables with each other and I get a string of wires that are no longer scattered each on their own. I also arrange to put a power strip on one side of the desk. What gather this joyful mess in one place. I organize all the high-tech equipment properly. How? By laying out computer cables, phone chargers or headphones in a special kit. I also place my little gadgets in a suitable storage compartment to have them at hand, but in an orderly manner. Also, I installed a helmet holder on my teen's desk. He loves it and I like not having to go back home to find the helmet!

How to create a workspace that is both decorative and functional?

B. B. : If you choose good quality accessories, when they are installed on your desk or shelves at your fingertips, immediately your office will look "deco". In addition, you will enjoy putting it away. At Onrangetout.com, we have accessories for all styles: Scandinavian, retro, design, pop ...

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House Doctor

Once these tips are applied, how can you keep your office tidy all year long?

B. B. : What clutters the most finally is the mail! So a little discipline. Upon receipt, we force ourselves to open the envelopes, throw them in the trash recycling paper (sometimes even discard the entire letter + envelope), then we have the mail in the drawer box or the mail bin according to his future: to read, to treat, to classify ...

Now that everything is perfectly organized, we can work calmly. No more question of being invaded again by the bazaar!