Decorative coat racks: 7 DIY easy to copy!


Decorative coat racks: 7 DIY easy to copy!

Emily Henderson via Pinterest

Inspiration Pinterest If there is an unsightly object in the entrance, it's the coat rack. Often, its practicality takes precedence over its decorating side... unless you put your hand in it. Thanks to some tips and a little elbow grease, fashion a DIY model in two stages three movements. Zoom on 7 ways to create a coat rack or coat hooks to suspend your business with style.

Hanging coat hangers or driftwood, nature spirit hooks and pipes ... There are many ways to to create a coat rack DIY than trend ideas on Pinterest. Côté Maison has selected 7 of them, to be copied without moderation for a custom entrance or hallway.

DIY # 1: a wooden coat rack as simple as hello

- The necessary equipment : a rough wooden board, metal hooks, screws.

- The DIY : if you have a nook in your entrance, cut out a wooden board the width of this space, then fix it between the two partitions. For hang your jackets, bags and scarves, place some metal hooks with screws on the bottom. That's it !

- The deco trick that makes fly: decorate the top of the wooden board with decorative objects of all kinds, or take advantage of this space to store your bags and accessories.

Photo of Alvhem via Pinterest

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Alvhem via Pinterest

DIY n ° 2: a hanging rod to hang his coats

- The necessary equipment : a driftwood branch, pieces of rope, hooks.

- The DIY : Driftwood has the wind in its sails! For a coat rack stack in the trendCollect a thick branch and wrap solid strings at each end, making sure to gauge their length to the desired height for your coat rack. Then hang the ropes on hooks that you have previously fixed to the ceiling. All you have left is suspend your coats placed on hangers !

- The deco trick that makes fly: if you decide to place your coat rack hanging high enough, you can complete his recovery look with storage made from wooden crates that you place on the ground.

Photo of Deas & Mia via Pinterest

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Deas & Mia via Pinterest

DIY n ° 3: a parrot coat rack easy to create

- The necessary equipment : logs of wood, string, paint (optional).

- The DIY : to reproduce this wooden parrot coat rack, equip yourself with a few logs of wood (at least 4 so that your realization is stable). Assemble them firmly by crisscrossing them upwards so they form a tipi, and tie them with a rope. Nothing is easier to hang coats, hats and bags!

- The deco trick that makes fly: customize your DIY even more painting the logs with the painting of your choice.

Photo of Emily Henderson via Pinterest

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Emily Henderson via Pinterest

DIY n ° 4: a piece of driftwood as a decorative coat rack

- The necessary equipment : a wall shelf, brackets, a branch, small decorative handles or nails.

- The DIY : this coat rack is as simple as it looks! Secure a wall shelf in your entrance or your hallway with wooden brackets. Take your clothesa driftwood branchand slide it into the opening of these last ones to hold it in place. Then decorate the piece of wood with nails, or better, small furniture handles to hang your clothes.

- The deco trick that makes fly: vary the shapes and colors of your furniture handles to make your coat rack even more original!

Photo of Norske Interior Blogger via Pinterest

Norske Interior Blogger via Pinterest

DIY # 5: nature spirit hooks for the entrance

- The necessary equipment : wooden pucks, strong glue, screws with dowels and a drill.

- The DIY : start by sticking the most small wooden slices in the center of larger ones with strong glue or wood glue, let it dry. Drill a hole in the back of the small washers with a drill, making sure that the created hole is deep enough so that only the end of the peg that enters the wall is visible when the screw is inserted. Secure everything to the wall by drilling holes in the chosen places. Mission accomplished !

- The deco trick that makes fly: vary the size and thickness of the wooden pucks to create a rhythmic set.

Photo of Inspired By Charm via Pinterest

Inspired By Charm via Pinterest

DIY n ° 6: a simple coat rack nestled in a nook

- The necessary equipment : iron bars or extensible rods, metal hooks.

- The DIY : in a corner of your home, take advantage of the recess to insert rods or extendable iron bars between the two parallel partitions. To hang your coats, just then fix hooks.

- The deco trick that makes fly: place decorative elements, like a vintage stool, below your realization to complete its look.

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Via Pinterest

DIY n ° 7: a pipe reclaimed as a coat rack

- The necessary equipment : a U-shaped steel pipe, screws.

- The DIY : recover an old U-shaped pipe and fix it to the wall in a corner of your entrance. Suspend your clothes with hangers, simply.

- The deco trick that makes fly: to customize this Coat racks with an industrial lookyou can vary the colors of the hangers or repaint the metal pipe of the shade you want.

Photo of Alvhem via Pinterest

Alvhem via Pinterest