Planters and pots for deco terrace


Planters and pots for deco terrace


The planters and pottery count for a lot in the development of an exterior: garden, terrace, balcony, but also in the composition of an interior decoration. At the foot of a staircase, on a windowsill, the planters and potteries welcome a piece of nature that they sublimate by their silhouette, their appearance. Mini pottery or XXL planter, here is our favorite selection.

To beautify your terrace, your balcony or even your window sill, you want beautiful plants or flowers. But the question of the container arises: what planter, what deco pot ? Depending on the space you have and the plants you want to install, you are spoiled for choice. Since they existed, these containers have continued to renew themselves, revealing themselves as practical as aesthetic. Colors, shapes, heights, styles, features ... The planters and potteries, more innovative and stylish, meet our tastes and anticipate our needs. This summer, it will be difficult to leave your terrace, at least eyes!

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The very Mediterranean pots and pans of Serax

Pot Mary Mozaic Blue, Marie Michielssen design for Serax - Price: from 10.45 euros for the model 7.5 cm X 7.5 cm to 40.70 euros for the model 22 cm x 22 cm. Serax


Euphorbia, Aloe Cosmo ... Small cacti and big succulents will make a beautiful impression in these flowerpots in the colors of the Mediterranean. With them, for sure you will escape.

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The modular planters of Grosfillex

Collection of pots (∅ 30, 40 and 60 cm) and bowls (∅ 50 and 80 cm) Tokyo, made of synthetic resin - from 19.95 euros the Ø30 cm, Grosfillex


With its Tokyo range, Grosfillex imagines a collection of pots and planters to stack, modulate, combine ... for all types of outdoor: whether it is a large terrace or a balcony. In resin, these containers remain ultra-light and easy to maintain but also resistant to shocks, UV and frost.

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Kitsch plastic plastic planter from Ikea

Sommar pot 2018 made of polyethylene plastic, steel frame, polyester powder coating - Price: from 6.99 euros


Colored plastic, these planters, with their look of yesteryear, announce the beautiful days and the summer.

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Small terracotta pottery at Truffaut

Nature terracotta pot, terracotta or anthracite colors - several models from 4.10 to 10.50 euros. Model to hang - 5.40 euros, Truffaut.


What is better than natural material to put forward the plants? Here, terracotta pots, in their greatest simplicity, reveal the beauty of these green plants. Their "raw" form contrasts with the interior design. Perfect balance!

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The indoor flowerpot B.for soft duo Elho

B.for soft duo, L.27 x W.14 x H.12.6 cm - 5.99 euros, Elho


The Dutch company Elho has designed the B.for Soft duo planter to allow you to create a micro eden in a small space and you avoid the chore of repotting.

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A chic and graphic terrace with Berlin Jardiland pottery

Berlin enamelled stoneware pottery Size: Ø 29 x H. 27 cm - from 24,90 euros. Also available in Ø 40 x H. 37 cm to 54.90 euros, Jardiland


In white or gray glazed stoneware, these large potteries make the decoration of this terrace more delicate. We particularly like the contrast of colors (gray and white), but also the appearance of these animals that make this space a place of relaxation and daydreaming.

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Plant pots for an exotic terrace

Terracotta pot H25,5 cm Ologe - Price: 59 euros


Like a totem, the plant pot will make your terrace a sanctuary of well-being. For him, prefer plants of the exotic kind: one and the other will develop.

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Ethnic mini pottery at Carrefour

Pot terracotta pot - price not communicated, Carrefour.


In an authentic ethnic style, these small pottery should find their place easily indoors or outdoors, on a table or window sill.

The smart gardener of Mv Industrie

Planter Calipso model Maxi, 81 x 39 x 79.5 cm - 58.98 euros, Mv Industry.

Mv Industry

If the gardener welcomes flowers, it can also house some fruits, vegetables and other aromatic herbs ... So, treat yourself to a vegetable garden on a corner of terrace or a small balcony. Mv Industrie makes it easy for you to garden with Calipso, a self-contained, flexible planter. Mini, maxi, greenhouse, combi, Calipso optimizes watering, breathing and aeration of the roots.

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Bacsac balcony straps for a spirit gardener

Balcony straps with adjustable double straps, 35 euros, Bacsac.


Create your own planter with these balcony braces! Just place these on both sides of a wooden board, or other, and clip them to the rail. Malin!