Arielle Dombasle signs a cup Villeroy & Boch


Ali Mahdavi - Villeroy

Actress and diva, Arielle Dombasle has just designed the "Blason" tea cup for Villeroy & Boch. The profits from sales will be donated to the charity Our Little Brothers and Sisters, of which she is the godmother.

Your oldest taste memory?

Arielle Dombasle: "It's a pretty precise memory, during a summer in France, in the castle of my paternal grandparents, in Burgundy, they had flower gardens and vegetable gardens, I was told: they are strawberries You can pick them and eat them directly! It was a dazzling sight: the strawberries were barely lukewarm, under the sun, with an astonishing perfume of flowers, I was amazed by the immediate pleasure that nature in its raw state could give us."

Your food education?

Arielle Dombasle: "I lived in Mexico for eighteen years, and in my family we were served French cuisine, but I liked to go to the stoves and taste the dishes of the country: fajitas de pollo, quesadillas, guacamole, all possible peppers and the famous tortilla ... I was addicted to Mexican cuisine and to all its incredible fruits: beautiful papayas, guavas, black sapotes ... Very popular fruits there but traveling little alas!

Your first culinary achievement?

Arielle Dombasle: "The cheese soufflé, which my grandmother's cook initiated me at the age of 14. Everything is in the mix: it's very clever! Rather ambitious for a start, but it seemed to me the thing the most extraordinary to learn because the result is still magical. "

Your biggest fiasco?

Arielle Dombasle: "Every bride, I've missed this famous soufflé, because it's a specific dish that is nevertheless perilous.It is a desolation when it does not go up, but the secret is good basic foods Well beaten eggs and a time of cooking respected, that is, the soufflé is successful, provided that the guests are not late! "

Your favorite food trio?

Arielle Dombasle:"Almonds, tea and cream, but beyond cream, all dairy products and cheeses, which are one of the treasures of France, I eat cheese every day, it gives incredible strength."

Your favorite guests?

Arielle Dombasle: "Nothing like the tender friends that you want to please, it's a real happiness in itself."

The recipe for which your friends thank you?

Arielle Dombasle: "The cheese soufflé, you've understood, it's my must! And a cake made from marzipan and apricot coulis (or raspberry currant), which I also hold secret recipes of my grandmother: she was an ambassador's wife and had the privilege of possessing wonderful recipes from all over the world. "

Your attendance of the furnaces: exceptional or regular?

Arielle Dombasle: "Alas, very exceptional."

Your cook's profile: faithful to the recipe or tempted by improvisation?

Arielle Dombasle: "True to the recipe, I'm hardly fearless in this matter."

Your eater profile: enjoyable or reasonable?

Arielle Dombasle: "Absolutely enjoyable but knowing exactly what I like: I will not eat to stock up on trace elements, proteins, etc. I never see food from this utilitarian angle I eat what is good and I'm happy, but I went around the question: I like rice, pasta, cakes, dried fruits ... and leave to others, I must confess, the animals and their blood. "

A visceral disgust?

Arielle Dombasle: "Empty a fish, cut the neck or pluck a chicken, scald a lobster or even cook a meat ... I can not!"

A new favorite food?

Arielle Dombasle: "I found blond raisins, infinitely sweeter than Corinth's, I love it, I nibble all day in the palm of my hand."

A subject of nervousness on the plate?

Arielle Dombasle: "What does not really annoy me, but rather amuses me, is this fashion of pretentious plates, with a sketched design with sauce and a tiny content in the center."

A gourmet dream?

Arielle Dombasle: The whole cheese soufflé, of course!

Arielle Dombasle is preparing an album of sacred music (release scheduled for spring 2013).