The kitchen: technical and artistic piece

The kitchen: technical and artistic piece

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The kitchen seduces and becomes the most high-tech room of the house. This image of a designer kitchen at the cutting edge of technology contrasts with its old, unattractive piece label. Become a real selling point, it is adorned with home appliances design and professional. This transformation makes cooking one of the most trendy living spaces in your home.

The kitchen has never been so popular. For her, nothing is too beautiful, and certainly not the appliances that make it the most techno piece. And it shows, as much as the other spaces of the house, what I like in terms of decoration.

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A well equipped kitchen that reflects our personality

In France, cooking is serious. The proof, we spend about an hour (1) per day on average, including weekend. Eighty minutes exactly, for the most passionate of us (2). A time spent peeling, washing, slicing, simmering, braising ... in short, prepare the meal with the right home appliances at the top of the technology. "The kitchen is a new territory of expression in the house, provided, however, to have the right tools that will enable to achieve and realize," says the journalist Anne Éveillard, author of "These machines that speak about us" (ed., The Four Paths).

Even if our ordinary is just a slice of pizza, we want the best for our fare. An oven at once well drawn and high-tech, remarkable but discreet, autonomous, obeying our finger and eye. Ditto for the fridge, preferably XL and remotely controllable (history that it is cold when storing groceries), the extra-slim and intuitive cooking plate, or the food processor, compact and ultra- competent. According to Clare Cooper Marcus (3), Emeritus Professor of Architecture and Environment at the University of Berkeley, "these objects send us back the image of who we are".

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Surrounding yourself with state-of-the-art home appliances means telling others about our professional success, our education and our values. The oven as revealing identity, who would have thought? And if it is nicely bodied, the electro testifies to our good taste as much as the furniture or the decorative object. Marketing operation carried out or finely thought design, some machines, like the famous Kenwood robot or furnace La Cornue, have even become must have. For example, some buyers are less interested in their technological capabilities, their strengths, than in the effect they will have in the kitchen, on family and friends.

On par with the pros ... or almost

For the foodistas, who do a little more than warm up, these tools dedicated to the preparation allow them to deploy all their creativity. They are the indispensable companions of their success. "When you take out a cake, a pie or a chicken from the oven, you can show you what you're capable of, that's why the oven can be a means of artistic expression," the psychologists commissioned by the manufacturer Miele said. decode our links with home appliances. A tailor-made program, a nickel heart temperature, a controlled cooking time to the nearest second ... and the recipe is close to perfection. "The kitchen has become a sort of laboratory, and we are talking about clusters of activities, thus taking up a technical vocabulary," confirms Valérie Péan, Project Manager at Agro-Biosciences.

But to do even better, nothing can replace the bond of a star, like Frédéric Anton at Lapeyre, Paul Bocuse at Rosières, Yannick Alléno at Electrolux. Cooks and home appliance brands promise us the same results as these great chefs. As if the talent was only a matter of (good) utensils! We would like.

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In a few numbers…

53% of French people leave their food processor on their work plan.

80% require an almost professional result.

9 out of 10 devices are big brands.

These figures come from the TNS-Sofres survey for GIFAM 2012.