Author's ceramics

Paul Thorel's ceramics

Matteo Pastorio. Amedeo Benestante, courtesy Fondazione Donnaregina for contemporary art, Naples.

The Mutina factory accompanies artistic projects who use the ceramic in experimental mode. the Madre Museum of Naples, the artist Paul Thorel dress uparchitecture a second skin. In its permanent installation, the accidental distortions of the image are at work. Accidental?

The installation of Paul Thorel offers another look at the ceramic, no longer as a decorative coating, but as a author project which unites the technology digital and the craft values of the handmade. entitled Passage of the victory, is the Museum Madre of Naples that it stretches space, expresses color, and tests the limits of matter. Produced by Mutina for Art and adapted to the rituals of passage between the courts and the inner curves of the museum, its forms and its colors are dissolved in a decomposition process of the typical image of Paul Thorel's practice.

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A work with multiple inspirations

This monumental work whose dynamics are reminiscent of the dazzling futurist at the beginning of the twentieth century, associates natural elements, references to the architecture of Naples sometimes so jostled, and the suggestion of physical and mental landscapes that intertwine in a moving composition. From this dialogue between an abundant and so narrative city, and a production of ceramics experimental, is born a new perception of the museum.

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It is with immense freedom that the French artist and photographer Paul Thorel invests the interior architecture of the Madre Museum of Naples. It develops a mosaic of 180 m2 with the complicity of the company Mutina for Art of Modena. From twisted arabesques, the colorful space stretches into a monumental work on the four walls of the passage that connects the central courtyard and the sculpture courtyard of the Donnaregina Palace.

Matteo Pastorio. Amedeo Benestante, courtesy Fondazione Donnaregina for contemporary art, Naples.

A new perception of mosaic

the Palazzo Donnaregina, in the historic heart of Naples, the figures of 180 m2 and 1 832 400 tesserae of a square centimeter are not sufficient to define or to delimit the work of theFrench artist and photographer. In glazed porcelain stoneware, the mosaic offers a set of shapes, segments, parables, horizons and colors on white background that accompany visitors from one point to another of the visit route. It carries the imagination well beyond the limits and constraints of thearchitecture. "To perceive rather than to look, to make room for appearances, are part of the elements of my research and are an integral part of my working tools, on a par with thecamera or computerPaul Thorel says, just as A shot of dice will never abolish chance, the random picture speaks of freedom. The vocabulary of the artist is a invention offered to visitors. It frees and multiplies the space of the museum.

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Madre Museum - Mutina - A permanent ceramic work by Paul Thorel by Mutina for Art. Madre Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina. MUT, Mutina for Art, Via Ghiarola Nuova, 1641042 Fiorano. Such. +390536812800