The Salon Vivre Côté Sud in Aix-en-Provence: kitchen focus


The Salon Vivre Côté Sud in Aix-en-Provence: kitchen focus

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The 20th edition of the Salon Vivre Côté Sud, June 8 to 11, will be once again gourmet ! Come tickle your taste buds alongside our leaders and their apprentices in the alleys of Jourdan Park in Aix-en-Provence. An appointment not to be missed for cooking enthusiasts. In the meantime, here is a little taste.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vivre Côté Sud, Anne Garabedian, culinary journalist and editor-in-chief of Le Coeur des Chefs magazine, has chosen to highlight those who transmit with love. Chefs who accompany and push young people into this profession, who give them the desire, who share without counting their time and their recipes. The cooks will be in the evocation of those who counted for each one, whether it is within their family (father, mother, grandmother ...) or in their apprenticeship. We will know what are the most valuable lessons to share.

With the faithful collaboration of Lacanche-Westahl, Morcrette, the Chamber of Agriculture Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and La Cambuse.

Cooking demonstrations

JP. Garabedian

At the crossroads between inheritance and transmission:

"La piu bella", who has been offering her recipes all her life and comes back every year to teach us "la pasta" with such generosity, is our Florentine Anna Bini who always gives cooking classes in Paris. She will be accompanied by Monica, the chef she has trained at Casa Bini and continues alongside him.

Since the beginning of Côté Sud, Queen Sammut * has always been part of the show's adventure with her family. For this anniversary, we could not tell more beautiful story of transmission than that of La Fenière: between Cadenet and Lourmarin, Nadia Sammut and her companion Ernest Hung-Do take over the family and pursue with commitment the story of Queen and Guy.

The new generation, those we all knew and who are being watched closely, has progressed by leaps and bounds: Ludovic Turac * (Une Table, in the South of Marseille) is already celebrating his three star! He has been training Fanny Aimerito for 5 years, she is her second today.

Finally, as a worthy spiritual son of Gui Gedda (our pope of Provencal cuisine who reminds us of traditions with strength), Mathias Dandine * (The Lodges Ste Victoire Tholonet) will tell us how his dad and Gui have transmitted the classics and then arbitrate the recipes of Provence "revisited", salty and sweet, of the dream brigade of Sunday evening (They have interest not to miss ...): with Vanessa Robuschi (Question of taste), Stephan Paroche (the Hameau des Baux), Sébastien Richard (Sébastien's Basket), Nicolas Bottero (The Bottero Mas), Laurent Navarro (Amandine Pastry), but also a "Provençal" pizza by Davide Dalmasso (La Cambuse) and his pizzaiolo Pasquale Moro, 2016 world pizza champion in Parma. And probably a few extra surprises ...

In Aix-en-Provence, Pierre Reboul transmits all his know-how to the young Jeanne at Château de la Pioline while Olivia and Mickaël Féval entrust Julien Courtin with their new, 100% fish "Molène" address, which is at their side for 10 years.

And in the Var, Jean-François Bérard continues the family adventure of his parents at La Cadière while training every day his young team in the kitchen.

Also, Emmanuel Perrodin: the transmission by the book. The ideal library of Emmanuel Perrodin: The itinerant chef combines a recipe with the three books that mattered most for his cooking: "Astrance" by Pascal Barbot, "Recipes for a friend", from Raymond Oliver to Jean Cocteau and "Cooking is much more than recipes" by Alain Chapel.

And Clément Higgins (The Handymen of Sweets) who forms his second Clemence since opening 2 years ago. Clément and Clémence, the youth trains the youth ... He has so much confidence today that he can leave the keys of the pastry for 48 hours, that is to say!

The transmission also takes place in the fields: the asparagus producer Sylvain Erhardt advises Albin in his way of cultivating and gives him the instructions of the best collaborations with the chefs like the Good Time in Sénas.

3 demonstrations followed by tastings every day at 11:30, 15:30 and 17:30 orchestrated by Anne Garabedian, culinary journalist and editor-in-chief of Le Coeur des Chefs magazine (www.lecoeurdeschefs.com)

Free and free access with the complicity of Davide Dalmasso (La Cambuse) who puts in our hearts an Italian joie de vivre that we can not live without.


"The Dream Brigade" is back: a bunch of friends, all united by a passion for products and gestures, welded by a wild tendency to make noise ... Together, they reserve us Sunday evening a rowdy atmosphere, certainly, but they are especially the best ambassadors of our Provençal recipes, which this time will be revisited! Sunday at 17:30.

They are partners of the culinary demonstrations:

Every day, chefs will be able to cook with the best of Provence: olive oils and medal-winning products at the Concours Général Agricole will be put at their disposal by the Regional Chamber of Agriculture Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, which will grant each recipe to a wine from here. The Davide Dalmasso's La Cambuse Italian Delicatessen also offers the specialties of Italian gastronomy to Chefs.

Material: Lacanche-Westhal and Morcrette

Staging: The Decoralist fabrics and Mercadier painting, center island and LPasse Design shelves, Sammode lighting.

Culinary demonstrations 2017

JP. Garabedian

The program in detail:

Friday, June 8

11h30: Jean-François Bérard, Hostellerie Bérard & Spa in La Cadière d'Azur

Family and transmission in the brigade

3.30 pm: Mickaël Féval and Julien Courtin, Molène in Aix-en-Provence

By opening Molène, Olivia and Mickaël transmit to Julien their love of Brittany

5.30 pm: Emmanuel Perrodin, itinerant leader

The ideal library of Emmanuel Perrodin: the transmission by the book

Saturday, June 9

11:30 am: Nadia and Reine Sammut with Ernest Hung Do, La Fenière in Lourmarin

La Fenière, the beautiful story that continues

3:30 pm: Pierre Reboul, Château la Pioline in Aix-en-Provence

4 hands kitchen with Jeanne Martinier who accompanies the chef since the reopening of the castle

5:30 pm: Clément Higgins, the Do-It-Yourselfers in Marseille

Clément and Clémence, youth trains youth ...

Sunday, June 10

11.30: Anna Bini, Casa Bini and Italian cooking school in Florence

The transmission of Pasta from Anna to Monica

15h30: Demonstration of calissons (The Calissons of Roy René)

16h00: Mathias Dandine, The Lodges Ste Victoire au Thonolet

Mathias tells us how his dad and Gui Gedda gave him the essential recipes of Provence

5:30 pm: Dream Brigade, under the leadership of Chef Mathias Dandine, Les Lodges Ste Victoire in Tholonet

Provençal "revisited" salty and sweet recipes, collective and festive culinary demonstration with Vanessa Robuschi, Question of Taste, Stéphan Paroche, Hamlet of Baux, Sébastien Richard, Sébastien's Basket, Nicolas Bottero, Mas Bottero, Laurent Navarro, Pastry Amandine , and a "Provençal" pizza by Davide Dalmasso (La Cambuse) and his pizzaiolo Pasquale Moro, 2016 world champion of pizza in Parma. And probably a few extra surprises ...

Monday, June 11

11.30am: Ludovic Turac, A Table in the South in Marseille

4-handed kitchen with Fanny Aimerito

3:30 pm: Sylvain Erhardt, Asparagus de Roques Hautes, Albin Sarnette, farmer, Meiege and Richard Auray, Le Bon Temps at Sénas

Collaboration Chefs / Agriculteurs, instructions for use or the transmission of the field to the plate

In the program :

  • 260 exhibitors divided by theme areas to facilitate the visit of the show: Projects, Sets, Creators, Talents, Development, Flavors, Garden, Bazaar, Brocante and a novelty, escape;
  • a South Side course Projects highlighting exhibitors who can sell to professionals: products for hotels, restaurants, business real estate, shops;
  • conversations, exchanges between professionals who generously share their experiences;
  • culinary demonstrations with a new program developed again by Anne Garabedian, culinary journalist passionate about the heritage and culinary talents of the South;
  • decoration coaching to reinvent her home;
  • a lively evening on Friday, a festive and colorful moment full of sharing and beautiful meetings with entertainment and the possibility of dinner on the spot;
  • stagings, animations to follow on vivrecotesud.fr

The information not to be missed: