The decoration questionnaire of Stéphane Thébaut



Television host Stéphane Thebaut appreciates the art of living. From January 13, he will host every Saturday La Maison France 5, the new rendezvous of the channel dedicated to the house and what surrounds it

Do you live in a house or an apartment?
I do not live in Paris, I prefer large natural areas so I settled in an apartment on the shores of Lake Annecy. But I lived for 10 years in a house.

You're tinkering?
Verry much ! It is an inheritance of my father and my father-in-law who was stonemason companion. They passed on their passion. I am a real jack-of-all-trades, I like to divert objects and places for myself. For example, I expanded a house from 47 m2 to 115 m2.

Who took care of the decoration at your home?
It's me but I moved in my new apartment 4 months ago so I have not been able to take care of it yet.

Which color do you prefer in deco?
I have a soft spot for men's colors, brown, beige, chocolate. I also like parma and purple that I find soothing and warm.

The room where you feel the best?
I have not yet had the opportunity to discover every corner of my new home. In my old house, I loved a little reading room all in wood. In fact, I have a preference for small rooms and I could not live in a loft. For large spaces, I prefer the outdoors. That's why I chose Lake Annecy.

Your next work?
I have projects but not for this apartment. I would like to find an old farmhouse, still in the area, where I plan to mix the traditional side of the outdoors with a more contemporary style inside. I imagine, for example, redoing the wooden facade.

The decorator or architect who inspires you?
My job allowed me to meet many architects and decorators. Everyone gave me a good idea that I would have liked to reproduce at home. However, I can not say that one of these artists inspires me more than others.

The objects you care most about your home?
The leather rocking chair of 1910 that I bought from an antique dealer, two years ago: it is the ancestor of the Le Corbusier armchairs. Twenty-five years ago, friends also offered me wooden sculptures. The majority of people have already thrown them, but I prefer to keep them preciously.

On the kitchen side: what is your favorite dish?
I love Asian cuisine. I'm crazy about bites, wok cooking, coconut milk or coriander ... I discovered these flavors at the age of 10-15 years but I began to appreciate them at around 30 years. I am able to eat 4 to 5 times a week.

You cook ?
I love that ! For me, it's a pleasure and not a chore. I started cooking at the age of 17 when I moved into my first apartment. I can prepare a tartiflette like an apricot lacquered ham. I like sweet and savory mixes and experiment with recipes.

What do you cook best?
I do not know if I cook one dish better than another. We will say that my guests do not hesitate to return home. Unless it is for my person ...

What's in your fridge?
As I'm Breton, there is a lot of fish in my freezer. I also love barbecues and in summer, I make a lot of grilled meats. My fridge is also full of dairy products: I can not imagine a day without yoghurt.

A favorite restaurant?
I discovered two very good addresses in La Clusaz. The Chalet du Lac offers a very fine traditional Savoyard cuisine on the lake shore and the view is magnificent. I also fell for La Scierie and her pie. It is covered with a slice of foie gras and served in a flat jar style The Perfect, - those with the seal.

On vacation, are you rather hiking or lazing?
Rather hike. I love to move, play sports. I practice sailing and water skiing. I also love winter sports. I preferred to do my military service at alpine hunters rather than at a conventional barracks. Sleeping in an igloo for 8 days was not easy, but it remains a human experience that I will never regret.

Your most beautiful travel memory?
A trip I made in the professional setting during the Paris-Dakar. I discovered the way of life of the Tuaregs, slept in a bivouac, while preserving the desert. Those who criticize the race tend to forget that this event does much more for African families than many small associations. It has been an exceptional experience.

A place you want to discover?
I dream to visit Tibet. I am fascinated by these incredible summits but also by civilization and its way of seeing things.

Your next destination?
I will first enjoy the winter holidays to ski. I have not yet planned a trip but I will leave well abroad too. I love France, it is a magical country, beautiful and full of riches. My job led me to travel a lot in our regions. Today, I want to discover something else. Where are we most likely to meet you? On the slopes of La Clusaz. I just finished what I had to do in Paris and I take the train to be able to ski as of tomorrow ...