10 Christmas gift ideas for women


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The perfect Christmas present for a woman this year, not easy to find! We put you on the trail through a selection of 10 beautiful gifts for all tastes and budgets ...

Hard to find a Christmas gift idea for the women around you this year? You want to think outside the box, but you do not know which way to hang? Follow the path that we have drawn with 10 ideas that will delight all women at Christmas ...

1. Tea as an invitation to travel

This box of three brightly colored boxes brings together a selection of exceptional teas that refer to three cultures of the world: the Hammam Tea, the Tea of ​​the Monks and the Great Imperial Yunnan. An ideal gift to satisfy your taste buds and want to escape.

2. And to complete ... design at tea time

She can not stand her old old-fashioned teapot anymore and dares to call her friends for tea? By offering this gift, you can rest assured that the whole neighborhood will be quickly invited to enjoy a little tea and appreciate the design of this pretty teapot!

3. A stroller that women love

"I love shopping, but I prefer sleeping": a phrase that we can all associate with a woman we know. So, why not offer him this cart that will allow him to go shopping without getting tired?

4. A fragrant gift

A candle is always a pleasure for a woman. Even more, when this candle is perfumed with rose and addresses a very trendy design. With this gift, no doubt, you will make a happy one.

5. A vase with zebra elegance

Flowers, that's good. It is still necessary that the woman to whom we offer them has a pretty vase, which is not always the case! Take the front and opt for this beautiful vase for Christmas.

6. The tree is wearing jewelry

Jewelery, that she has! A little too much, so much so that she does not know very well where to put them away ... Help her to see a little clearer by offering him this beautiful tree.

7. Contemporary pottery

Rare are the potteries that are unanimous. These pottery Piling Palang have succeeded this bet. Fresh and contemporary they find their place in all the interiors. A chic and elegant gift for all lovers of deco.

8. 100% feminine pouches

Easy to slip into a purse, these kits are ideal for all women who never find anything in their bag. So, let's be honest: for all women! A small and original gift that will make a big impression at the feet of the tree.

9. A jewelry box for pretty women

If the tree (photo 6) is not enough to hang all the jewels, opt for this pretty box. The two drawers make it easy to sort and find all of a woman's favorite accessories.

10. Because every woman loves to feel unique ...

Offer him this decorative painting created from an image of his own DNA. A unique work that any woman will appreciate at its true value. With 40 colors available, match this chart to the maximum of the woman to whom you want to give it.