The prints in the decoration: 10 successful atmospheres


The prints in the decoration: 10 successful atmospheres

Germain Suignard

And if we put life in our interiors through printed matter? Côté Maison went to draw 10 renovation photos from the architects and decorators of Côté Maison Projets containing the most beautiful patterns and the most surprising colors. The least we can say is that the prints give a crazy character to the interiors!

On the walls, the furniture or the floor, the prints are full of colors and originality. The decorations have no place in these 10 renovations carried out by the architects and decorators of Côté Maison Projets. A wallpaper with a thousand faces, colorful cement tiles, graphic rugs ... The reasons are the stars of our selection!

1. A printed wallpaper in a plain bathroom

Julien Fernandez

Interior designer Ninou Etienne thought of his bathroom as a resolutely deco piece. The old side of the room blends perfectly with the retro patterns of the wallpaper. The round shapes and the trendy blue-gray color bring a certain modernity, and enliven this immaculate piece.

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2. Give color to a child's room with a playful print

Fréderic Fournier

To bring color to this beautiful child's room, interior decorator Delphine Guyart decided to stick a colorful and childish print on a plain wall. The result is successful! The multicolored drops are found on the carpet and give life to the wall.

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3. A punchy wallpaper for this game room

Joanna Zielinska

It is a playroom with a vitamin-like look that the interior architects of Les Murs have. The black and yellow wallpaper is completely in tune with the table football, and gives liveliness to the room. The illustrations of bulbs enliven the wall without doing too much.

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4. A graphic carpet for a colorful interior

Emmanuelle Diebold

Emmanuelle Diebold, interior designer, revived this studio. Color was brought with a piece of duck blue wall and a bright red couch. To give volume to the room and hide a bland tile and unattractive, the decorator has laid a black and white graphic carpet. The cushion on the sofa nicely recalls the carpet prints.

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5. A kitchen credenza in patterned cement tiles

Claire Leroy

To give this kitchen a touch of charm, interior designer Claire Leroy put a custom-made tempered glass splashback with a cement tile pattern. With raw wood kitchen furniture, the graphic touches of the credence are welcome.

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6. A baroque store in a bathroom dressed in marble

Anna Duval

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Toronto, the French interior designer Anna Duval has renovated this marbled and uncluttered bathroom. The architect essentially worked around black and white, and installed a blind in the same colors as the bathroom. Its baroque prints allow to keep a chic harmony in this room that does not leave us marble.

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7. When prints invade the living room

Germain Suignard

In this vintage-modern living room, the architect Laurent Alphonso Lo Monaco has given up on prints and proposes a room where different styles intersect. Starting with the wallpaper: its khaki color brings a retro side, but its graphic patterns offer a futuristic look. The same goes for the cushions and the rug, which enliven and give modernity to the vintage seating and solid oak flooring.

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8. Original prints decorate the wallpaper in the room

Delphine Le Fur

A hail of Panama hats flows into the bedroom created by interior designer Delphine Le fur. The wallpaper is dressed in original patterns and brings a chic look to the room. The decorator has only covered one wall so as not to make the decor too heavy or oppressive. We do not forget the stripes, which give volume to the space!

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9. Trendy graphic accessories in the living room

Gwenaëlle Hoyet

Interior designer Gwenaëlle Hoyet made this Scandinavian living room graphic and colorful with a few accessories. The whole is made coherent thanks to a mat, a cushion and a toy bag with trendy colors and triangular patterns. To give a punchy look to your interior, no need to redo everything: well-chosen accessories, graphics and soft colors can change a room!

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10. A modern wallpaper in a functional kitchen

Stephane Scrub

In addition to renovating and optimizing this 17 m2, interior designer and decorator Géraldine Laferté gave the studio style and depth. The wallpaper on the wall is modern and adds volume to the space. The kitchen is made warmer thanks to the wood, but it seems too empty and impersonal without this vegetable wallpaper.

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