The Ultra Purple Color 2018 Pantone x Tollens

The Ultra Purple Color 2018 Pantone x Tollens


Before paint your living room, you wanted to know LA color of 2018 according to Pantone x Tollens, just to be in the know? The two expert houses in colors put an end to this interminable wait: the Ultra Violet will color the coming year.

Some, and even many, use their wardrobes and colors to express oneself. In the same way, they could use these on their walls, woodwork to sublimate the character, so unique, from their inside. So why deprive yourself? Tollens, referent in the field of paintings, and Pantone, past master in matters of colors, work together to offer us an ever richer palette that will nourish our decor. Since 2013, Pantone, surrounded by sociologists, designers and colorists from around the world, determines her star color and Tollens is in charge of potting it. And in 2018 the Ultra Violet will be stealing the 2017 Greenery star. Céline Gerst, Tollens' color marketing expert, tells us more about this amazing color.

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Ultra Violet: a surprising color

This blue trendy purple is one color at a time ancient and modern, even futuristic. A mysterious color, it is linked to the spiritual world and very present in nature. It calls for new technologies or creativity, originality. We are happy to associate Ultra Violet with David Bowie or Jimmy Hendrix.

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Ultra Violet: easy color combinations

Non-conformist and full of pep, the purple marries with a multitude of colorsfrom the most neutral to the most dazzling. Everything is a question of atmosphere and taste. With the Ultra Violet, you have calm, warm and friendly atmospheres, feminine or theatrical.

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Ultra Violet: in which room to use this color?

Anywhere ! With a light and soft shade like purple or white, the Ultra Violet will create a serene climate, perfect for the living room or bedroom.

The violet associated with a saturated shade will give a more energetic atmosphere, appreciable in a reception room.

Lower your tone and the atmosphere will become more warm and friendly, perfect for a kitchen or a dining room.

Finally, to use it in a room, you will have to marry it to a floral color, powdered.


"All the colors to associate with Ultra Violet are to be found in the Pantone range of Tollens, to discover on"