Dream Houses

Magic volumes for this house made of wood and metal


Is it a UFO in the fields "No, a house in wood and metal simply bold, offbeat and bright ...

Attending a friend architect can have serious repercussions on our lifestyle choices. For proof: when this young couple, Fabienne and Rémy, looking for a longère to restore, visit for the first time the loft of the architect Lionel Coutier, they drop their steps and decide to build their house. Seduced by the view and the greenery of a gently sloping ground, overhanging the village of Genillé, in Indre-et-Loire, they naturally entrust the realization of the project to Lionel. The main idea is to open the house on the village and the surrounding countryside. Passionate about industrial construction, the architect plays on contrasts between cold materials (metal and glass) and warm (wood), inside and out. Captured by multiple openings (in total, 50 m2 of bay windows), natural light is the main element of each room, giving an astonishing sense of space on all three levels.