Chantal Thomass's decoration questionnaire



Queen of women's lingerie stylist Chantal Thomass is now interested in the house. The grande dame has just created a collection of ultra-feminine stationery and a limited edition of washing machine "above-below" covered with a quilted pink print. asked him some questions

Where do you live?

I live in an apartment in Paris. It is spacious and very bright. When I visited it, I fell in love with its marble bathrooms with their large bathtubs and copper fittings.

Who took care of the decoration at your home?

I did everything myself. In order to add my personal touch to my apartment, I painted the walls. By cons in my country house, I asked for wallpaper. When I decorate, I see the interior as a puzzle in which everything must be assembled.

How was your first apartment?

I had my first home in the 70s, he was very small. The entrance was black muslin and I also had orange and brown wallpaper, very 70!

Which color do you prefer for your interior?

I like pastels, pearly gray tinged with pink and purple and roses in general. These are colors that look good, which is why I used these tones for the decoration of my country house.

Do you ever tinker?

When I have time I customize my furniture. Recently, I covered a piece of haberdashery with old magazines. I also applied music notes on my desk with wallpaper glue.

The creator who inspires you the most?

I appreciate the designer Philippe Starck who recently redecorated the house of crystal Baccarat. I also like the designer Jacques Garcia for his achievements at the luxury hotel Costes, located rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, and for the restaurants he has arranged. Artists who rehabilitate the old with a touch of modernity are the ones that attract me the most.

You have created objects, do you have some at home?

I did not design many decorative items, but I kept my Berger lamps. My decoration is mainly composed of objects found in flea markets or sales rooms. I try to mix genres by associating for example objects of the eighteenth century, the 40s and the contemporary.

You get to throw your junk or keep everything?

It's my problem, I have a hard time getting rid of things. My apartment is crammed with fashion magazines, decorating magazines, sometimes very old.

What are the things you care about most at home?

I have Venetian mirrors and some paintings. I really care about my works as illustrators of the 20s and 30s, like Georges Lepape and George Barbier.

Which room do you prefer?

The kitchen, because this is the place where we meet most often. During the day we have breakfast and dinner. It is made of wood and is very countryside.

In the kitchen, what is your favorite dish?

I like desserts: rice cake, cakes, clafoutis, homemade cakes, it probably comes from my childhood.

What do you cook best?

I only do things fast even when I invite people: salads, pasta. I really like Italian cuisine. And everyone says that my salads are delicious!

Your favorite restaurant?

The hotel Costes in Paris, for its decoration, for the reception and for the kitchen which is very light.

What would you eat for nothing in the world?

The tripe even if I have never eaten, and sausages. These are foods that are way too fat.

What is always in your fridge?

Mozzarella, salted butter without which I never eat bread at the risk of finding it bland ... and champagne.

Side trip, you are rather hiking or large hotels?

I like palaces or charming hotels, I am very sensitive to the setting.

Your most beautiful travel memory?

The last, a trip to Los Angeles. I like this city: it's green, airy, and there are beautiful hotels. I stayed at the Mondrian decorated by Philippe Starck. It is a city where fashion is different, there are many more choices than in Paris, and many more decoration shops. I find it nice to walk around for example in the Melrose area and the shops are beautiful.

Is there a place you dream to discover?

Argentina: Buenos Aires ... But also Dubai and Bali. I travel mostly in big cities. Your next destination? When I travel it's mainly for work. I will return soon to Como in Italy, in the beautiful Villa d'Este located on the lake. The setting is enchanting.