A practical kitchen under the roof


You have an empty space under the roof and you do not know how to arrange it? Set up your kitchen by following the advice of Côté Cuisine & Bains. Maximum optimization guaranteed.

Maximum optimization for the kitchen under the roofs

To take advantage of this particular configuration, the layout of the kitchen must adjust to the variations in height of the slope of the roof which often prohibits the installation of high furniture. Only shelves made to measure, placed at half height are conceivable. Two other requirements: to have a linear long enough, to juxtapose in the lower part storage elements and appliances; know how to juggle the depth and height of the worktop.

If the width of the attic lends itself, an arrangement perpendicular to the slope of the roof has more flexibility. The installation of high elements is then possible, even if to vary the alignments of the cupboards. But, in the attics, whatever the chosen layout, it is above all lighting that matters. To get the most natural light, choose the largest possible roof windows and the lowest of the slope. A beautiful zenith light will add a special charm. Blinds will however mitigate the summer heat of the sun and avoid the greenhouse effect. Similarly, for mild winters, the insulation of the roof with a good layer of wool is imperative.

4 example of kitchens under the roof

From bottom to top The low furniture is here privileged, and the furnaces are embedded at height in the wall gable. "Delinia", from 755 euros, Leroy Merlin.

Zenithal Satin anthracite melamine and light ash, this small space is cleverly exploited. "Grafyt / Salsa", 1,318 euros, SoCoo'c.

Encognée A wall with material coating allows this kitchen nestled in the corner of the loft to integrate well. "Chocolate", Darty.

In the open sea Veneer lacquered oak havana, with showcases, small wood and porcelain handles for this family kitchen, small zenith window. "Perrine", Mobalpa.