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Before / after: a custom renovation for this two-room apartment

Before / after: a custom renovation for this studio

Samantha Phung

Entering this 28 m2, the owner of the place had a real favorite. Bathed in light, this apartment located in Boulogne-Billancourt offered everything she dreamed : a living room to receive, a large bedroom and a small bathroom with window. But to feel at ease, some corrections were necessary. Samantha Phung, founder of the agency Interior Projects, intervened to transform this two-room cocoon.

Near Paris, this apartment Boulonnais only wanted to be invested! Once the purchase was made, the owner wanted to redevelop it. While meeting the requirements of his client - keep the room template, increase brightness and storage space, create a mood for each space - the interior designer Samantha Phung has redesigned this two-room floor to ceiling. Optimizing each square meter with custom furniture or diverted, she knew transform this charming two-room apartment into a cozy and personal place, like the owner.

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The renovation project in brief

The idea : renovate an apartment of the 30s so that it sticks to the tastes and desires of its owner without losing its original charm. All this, optimizing the available space to increase its functionality.

The surface : 28 m2.

The place : in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), in a building of the 30s.

The duration of the work : 2 months.

The budget : 21,000 euros.

Sketch in perspective of the apartment after renovation.

Samantha Phung

Samantha Phung

28 m2 to refresh before investing

Before the work, this two-room was not obsolete. Rather bright, with an old wooden floor and a room of life of 13 m2, it offered all the necessary comfort with a big separated room. However, walls and floor had been damaged and a sky blue painting passed dressed the apartment, accentuating the somewhat dated style of the place.

It was therefore necessary to clean the rooms before even considering a makeover. In the living room, an infiltration had damaged the walls, not to mention the multiple layers of paint that damaged the walls over the years. Serious stripping was done to find a smooth material. On the floor, the floor was very deteriorated, with holes and gaps. In order to preserve the authenticity of the place, it has been restored and covered with a slightly honey varnish. A tip well thought to increase the brightness.

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Before the work: the living room floor was dull and many shocks had damaged it.

Samantha Phung

After the work: once the walls and the floor have been refreshed, the living room has become brighter.

Samantha Phung

A multifunctional central piece of furniture for this two-piece boulonnais

The main innovation of Samantha Phung was the creation of a central piece of furniture between living room and kitchen. At the same time transition and separation between spaces, this hybrid island increases the deco potential and the storage area of ​​the apartment. So, each side of this furniture, created for the occasion, has a function. Side fair, the formwork contains two closets and a niche / TV stand. The furniture continues horizontally in a dining area for two or three people. Finally, the part overlooking the kitchen plays the role of work plan and storage for utensils.

In addition to its multifunctional appearance, the other specificity of the central island is its composition: the worktop imitation oak was cut to measure but the furniture underbody and the overhanging canopy are models of large signs. Like the apartment, this piece of furniture is a mix of custom and standard.

Before work: the kitchen furniture was spread out along the length of the wall and was not very modern and poorly distributed on the upper part. Where the central island now sits, a half-partition served as a bar between the kitchen and the living room.

Samantha Phung

Samantha Phung

After the work: living room, the island is transformed into TV cabinet. The glass roof comes from Leroy Merlin and separates without dividing the two spaces that coexist in the living room.

Samantha Phung

A tailor-made project at a lower cost

If in this two-room bolted everything was thought to reduce costs, no question for the interior designer to lose in quality. By mixing the materials, the budget was respected without neglecting the aesthetics and sustainability of the facilities. In the bathroom, the same principle as for the island of the living room, the furniture is a mix of upscale pieces and classic elements. Topped with a wooden worktop and a washbasin, a kitchen cabinet type replaced the old washbasin.

Mostly, everything has been calculated to the centimeter to optimize these 28 m2. Unlike most apartments, these are the parts that had to adapt to the furniture and not the other way around. The generous sofa has therefore determined the layout of the living room and in particular the depth of the central island. Likewise, the bedroom has retained its generous 11 m2 area to accommodate a large double bed and its imposing headboard.

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The sofa that sits in the living room takes the entire width of the wall. It is a convertible that serves as a bed for guests.

Samantha Phung

The living room as the rest of the apartment has been arranged to promote movement and ease of movement. Each piece of furniture has a defined place which allows to increase the impression of space.

Samantha Phung

Combining styles in an apartment redesigned with the image of its owner

Deco side, the owner wanted an interior that looks like her, with a different atmosphere in each room. The interior designer chose to play the subtlety and created a coherent apartment. Ultra warm, the living room combines two styles in vogue: a Scandinavian atmosphere punctuated with industrial touches. Imitation bricks, indoor canopy and ground imitation stone ... all these raw notes are appeased by the dominant white. Only the dark blue wall brings its assertive character to the living room.

Like a boudoir, the bedroom breathes femininity. Powdery pink, gray mouse and golden hues, the shades are soft in the sleeping area. In order not to weigh down the space and create a point of attachment, only one wall was covered with printed wallpaper. Its hexagonal pattern infuses a vintage note but not too much, like the entire studio.

In the living room, the dark blue hue enhances the Scandinavian style of the room.

Samantha Phung

The wall that connects to the kitchen is covered with a brick imitation facing column. The latter was chosen in a white shade that soothes the industrial look of the bricks and fits more easily in the living room.

Samantha Phung

Samantha Phung

A Feng Shui interior that promotes well-being

These 28 m2 boulonnais were thought like a cocoon where to relax. In order to introduce a Feng Shui atmosphere, the colors have been meticulously chosen, especially in the bedroom - where the powdery hues soothe sleep - but also in the bathroom, a place above all dedicated to relaxation. The water feature is inspired by spas. Between imitation stone and pebble on the floor, the shower is reminiscent of Italian style while the vague impression of white tiles maintains the zen atmosphere.

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Before the work: the bathroom entirely covered with white remained functional but unwelcoming with its past furniture.

Samantha Phung

After the works: the water point has metamorphosed thanks to the installation of a custom furniture and embossed tiles. The copper mirror brings a touch of color and sparkle in this black and white case.

Samantha Phung