New steam engines

Equipped with a flexible hose, an adjustable jet nozzle and various accessories, the hand cleaners are powerful and easy to handle. Here, the "Steambuster" of Black & Decker.

Black & Decker

Oven, washing machine, hand cleaner ... All these appliances are converted to steam! Is it a fad or is the process really revolutionary?

What is steam?

Simply water in the gaseous state, obtained by bringing the liquid above its boiling point. Its properties are well known, both from the point of view of hygiene and well-being, especially in steam bath. Commonly used for ironing, steam now gains most household appliances.

Gentle cooking

With steam, foods are not cooked by direct heat, but at lower temperatures. So, they are more mellow and tasty. Fat is useless and cooking is delicate enough to preserve vitamins and enzymes. In addition, this process offers new possibilities, such as raising a dough and crisp bread, sterilizing bottles and jars (at 100 ° C), blanching vegetables, defrost, heat without drying (parboiling), prune tomatoes, make yogurts, cook the meat to heart (with a thermosonde) ... We adopt it!

Wash whiter?

Manufacturers who use steam, including the group Fagor-Brandt, pioneer in the field, combine it with water to ensure a more efficient washing: the rise in temperature is fast, more constant inside the drum and the fibers of the laundry are softened, allowing a stain-proofing action and a better penetration of the laundry, the doses of which can be reduced. Better dissolved, these are eliminated more easily when rinsing. Injected into the drum after washing, the steam also has an antibacterial effect, from 40 ° C. The stripping function, included in the washing machines and obtained with a jet of steam under pressure, is also used in the washer-dryers and tumble dryers, in particular small drum machines, where the laundry is difficult to unwind.

But if for some steam is a real plus, for others, Bosch for example, the benefit is limited given the additional cost generated. In washing machines as in dishwashers, detergents are, says the brand, sufficiently powerful. So ? If only for the purifying, we buy!

Clean and disinfect

According to Black & Decker, steam is environmentally friendly, economical and hygienic when it comes to cleaning. Projected at a good temperature (above 100 ° C) and at a good flow rate (greater than 100 g / min), it removes dirt, disinfects, deodorizes and allows the cleaning of floors without detergent, provided they are watertight ( properly glazed floors, carpets, carpets, tiles ...), but also, with a hand cleaner, the windows, curtains, the oven, the interior of the car ... Various accessories (nozzles, squeegees, brushes, microfiber pads ...) allow to multiply the applications.

The sled cleaners send steam under pressure for thorough cleaning and thorough disinfection (99.99% of the bacteria eliminated), while broom cleaners, albeit slightly less efficient, have the advantage of being very manoeuvrable. Pay attention to the quality of the device, says Kärcher: he must "spit" steam, not hot water. And goodbye the Spanish broom!