I do my annual cleaning



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It's spring, I'm making a clean sweep! Sort, throw, clean ... Do a great cleaning once a year, it feels good. This time, priority is given to bedding, carpeting and carpets, the favorite haunts of mites.

No more dust and dust mites, it's time to tackle the great cleans of spring! Several tips ...

1. I revive the carpet

On a daily basis, use a rotary brush vacuum cleaner, which is more effective than a conventional device in extracting deep dirt. Once a month, dry clean with absorbent powder: scatter it on the carpet, let it in with a brush, wait half an hour and vacuum. This operation can be performed on synthetic floors, wool, sisal or coconut, especially where they clog quickly (entry, hallway, stay). Every two or three years, we do a thorough cleaning. Using a robot, pressurized soapy water is applied to the carpet before drawing it vigorously. Stubborn stains do not resist. We can call on a specialized company or rent a machine at Kiloutou or Leroy Merlin.

2. I refresh the carpets

At each change of season, air your carpets and beat them, but not too strong, otherwise you risk breaking the threads that constitute the frame. Vacuum methodically, in the direction of the hair only, to avoid weakening the fibers. Every four years, the direction of the pressing for a complete cleaning. Because, even if the carpets are sucked regularly, the dust accumulates inside the fibers. Agglomerating, it forms small "pebbles" that break the weft threads. As a result, the carpet curls and cracks.

Is your carpet old, fragile or valuable? Better to entrust it to an expert, like the Carpet Clinic in Paris. There they are beaten, washed with essential oils and combed by hand, gently and for a long time. The colors are then fixed and revived, and the mites eliminated (price on estimate, possibility of moving in province, tel .: 01 40 71 53 06 and At Chevalier Conservation too, the cleaning is made to measure. From 18 to 71 euros per m² depending on the type of carpet (in Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Colombes and relay points in Lyon and Orleans, phone: 01 43 07 87 44 and

3. I love the bedding

Mites readily choose to live there. Think about it, a mattress very soft, all hot, on which rest many dead skin (their favorite food) and a humidity which they adore (it is evacuated each night, via transpiration, 40 cl of water, that is about 300 liters per year for a couple). Disgusted? You can act! First by vacuuming the mattress once a month. Then washing machine, every three months, quilts and pillows. Yours do not go there? Expose them in the sun for at least two hours, one side then the other, to remove mites. Then, shake them conscientiously to remove the residue.

Wash sheets and pillowcases at 60 ° C, mites will not survive. Finally, adopt good habits, such as maintaining a cool temperature in the room (19 ° C maximum), because mites like heat. In the morning, when we can (the weekend in particular), we "open" the bed by rolling up sheets and blankets and removing the pillows, to eliminate the body moisture of the night. The bed is left undisturbed for about an hour, then the chamber is vented: the hot / cold contrast that would condense moisture in the mattress is then avoided.

At each change of season, you have to think about returning your mattress. In spring and summer, the winter side gets too hot, it will make us sweat more. Note, the "No Flip" system developed by Simmons and Dunlopillo: the mattresses are covered with a "smart" textile that provides ventilation and temperature regulation; it is no longer necessary to return them.


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4. Watch out for nests with microbes!

Handles of doors, switches, remote controls, screens of tablets or smartphones, computer mouse ... Our hands are constantly strolling there and the microbes abound there: think to disinfect them regularly.

5. A good box spring is essential!

"He is the one who ensures aeration of the mattress, so good hygiene, says Gérard Delautre, director of the Association for bedding (APL, spring or slats, whatever, it takes change every ten years If you put your mattress on the floor, it's worse than anything: the sweat can not escape, the carpet or parquet will quickly mold.

6. We delegate for the household!

Not the courage to brag at home? Use a home cleaning company. The company Shiva offers a formula "great cleaning" of 5 hours for 150 euros, or 75 euros after tax deduction. Such. : 0 811 46 46 46 and

7. If you are allergic, do the right thing!

Because of dust mites, 8% of French people suffer regularly from allergic rhinitis, eczema and asthma. To help us identify and fight allergens in our home, the general practitioner may prescribe the visit of a medical advisor in indoor environment (list on For more information, contact Asthma & Allergy at 0 800 19 20 21 and
What to do against mites? The recommendations of Chrisbelle Speyer, medical advisor in indoor environment in Marseille:
- Enclose mattresses, duvets and pillows in special covers that prevent contact with dust mites while allowing the bedding to breathe ("AllerGousse" from ALK, "Dom'Hous" from Stallergenes or "Evolon 100PS" from Dyn'R) . -
- Swap his box spring against a slatted model.-
- Avoid carpeting and carpets in bedrooms. -
- Prefer sofas made of leather ones. -
- Equipped with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter (high efficiency for aerial particles) or, even more efficient, a device specially designed to fight allergens without loss of suction ("Allergy" by Dyson) .