Fresh appliances in the kitchen


Appliances very fresh in the kitchen.


Quickly discover these appliances that offer an oasis of freshness in the kitchen! Ice cream makers, refrigerators and blenders adorn themselves with their finery to embellish our summer. Performing, elegant, colorful or steel, they make their show by offering us a fee.

Small and big appliances are putting in summer time in the kitchen. From ice cream parlor to American-style refrigerator with ice dispenser and ice cubes, to the blender, all adapt to the season.

An ice cream maker for ice creams and sorbets

Whether served in a cup or a cornet, enjoyed indoors or outdoors, homemade ice cream is popular. To keep up with the trend, manufacturers are redoubling their inventiveness. Like KitchenAid, whose ice cream maker adapts to all of the brand's stand-up robots: an offer that is both practical and economical.

Another feat: DeLonghi and Cuisinart have devised models of ice cream machines with two tanks to prepare two different flavors at the same time. And to satisfy the fans of cornets, it can also be prepared at home: Severin ice cream waffle maker does not require any particular talent to succeed perfect cones, tiles or cigars.

"ICK8000" ice cream maker in stainless steel, with 2 removable stainless steel tanks (to prepare 2 perfumes at the same time), specific blades for mixing the ingredients, removable and waterproof lids. 599.99 euros. Exists with a single tank, in silver or white. Respectively 319.99 euros and 299.99 euros, DeLonghi.


A high-tech fridge for fresh drinks

The so-called "American" refrigerators find their reason for being as soon as the outside temperature rises. While some people blame them for their size XXL, often unsuited to city kitchens, as soon as the summer arrives, we incense their ice dispenser and the large size of their bins fruit and vegetables.

Add to that a few options that are not superfluous: this is the case of BioFresh drawers combined Liebherr's "FrenchDoor BioFresh", which guarantee the freshness of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, up to three times longer . Samsung's "Food ShowCase" has a dedicated food and beverage space. History to do it apart from the parents.

"Food ShowCase" refrigerator, 570 l, class A +, with "ShowCase" space (second door after the main door) for fast and easy access to food, dedicated space for children and "Innercase" space (internal compartment) for storage bulky foods or requiring more delicate storage. Handles not visible. 2,500 euros, Samsung.


A mixer blender

Those who thought that the blender would be just a fad were wrong. The device is still a recipe, so that manufacturers do not end up innovating. When Braun puts "simplicity at the service of performance", Kenwood thinks big. The first has just imagined a blender called "Identity" that automatically sets the speed and mixing time according to the selected recipe.

The second offers a family version of the blender with a two-liter glass bowl and five blades for mixing, grinding, chopping and pounding. But "summer" also rhymes with "colorful": Kenwood's "kMix Pop Art" blender now comes in six colors. KitchenAid's "Diamond" blender-mixer is dressed in red, black, cream or silver-gray. The object is beautiful to better blend with the decor.

Blender-mixer "Diamond" with 5 speeds (2000 to 11500 revolutions / minute), crushed ice function, waterproof lid and measuring cap. Available in red, black, cream and silver gray. 199 euros, KitchenAid.


A robot or a slicer to grate, chop, slice

If robots that cut, cut, grate or chop have their place in cooking summer and winter, a new fate all the same the lot with the return of the beautiful days. This is the "Cook Expert" of Magimix. On one side, its "Thermo" tank of 3.5 liters allows to concoct many hot dishes and desserts; on the other, its three transparent vats invite you to follow with the preparation of grated carrots, minced with cucumbers or other tartars.

Add to that a dozen automatic programs, including one dedicated to ice cream. Another device that helps to brighten up a lunch in the sun or an aperitif on the terrace: the "Pro-compact" slicer from KitchenChef. Inspired by professional models, but of less impressive size, it allows to realize precisely thin slices of ham or raw vegetables.

"Cook Expert" multifunction robot with "Thermo" vat of 3.5 l for hot preparations and 3 transparent vats for grated, chopped, tartare ... 12 automatic programs. 1,200 euros, Magimix.


Hope it lasts !

Solidity and durability are the criteria that come first in a purchase made outside the food sector. 66% of the French say they are attentive to these two notions, against 30% who care more about performance and technicality. It is the Society and Consumption Observatory that says it.

Another observation: "The attention paid to the shelf life of products is shared by all segments of the population," said the President of the Observatory, Nathalie Damery, during a debate organized by Miele. Crisis and purchasing power at half-berth encourage quality. Sociologist Michel Maffesoli talks about "climate change".

"What goes into the house changes us," he says again. "But it also values ​​us," adds Nathalie Damery. According to her, to opt for a high-performance food processor, is above all to show what we are able "to feed his family, his tribe, his friends".

Combined "FrenchDoor BioFresh", 289 l, class A ++, with ice dispenser, softTouch electronic digital sensor, luminous LED lighting, BioFresh drawers for long lasting freshness. EUR 6,740, Liebherr.


"Premium iQ700 coolDuo", 526 l, class A +, American fridge-freezer with noFrost technology, water and ice dispenser, FreshProtectBox compartment adjustable from 0 to 4 ° C for optimal storage. EUR 3,469.99 (+ ecoparticipation of 6), Siemens.


"Door-in-door" 4-door refrigerator, 571 l, class A +, with customizable space thanks to modular shelves, water dispenser and "pure N fresh" filter (10 times faster than a charcoal filter classic to eliminate 100% of refrigerator odors). 2,999 euros, LG.


Ice cream maker capable of adapting to all KitchenAid base robots. Independent accessory, sold separately. Only exists in white. 105 euros, KitchenAid.


Built-in refrigerator combo "KFN", 242 l, class A ++, with independent ice maker, 4 glass shelves, 1 crisper, 2 freezer drawers. € 2,512, Miele.


Blender "Identity" with Thermoresist glass bowl. Automatically adjusts the speed and mix time for the recipe. 120 euros, Braun.


"Ice Cream Duo" ice cream maker in aluminum and brushed stainless steel. With 2 independent cold storage bowls (to prepare 2 scents at the same time) and lids with port for adding ingredients. 139.99 euros, Cuisinart.


"Blend-x Pro" blender with 2 l bowl resistant to large temperature differences and 5 blades for blending, grinding, chopping and pounding. Available in white and aluminum. 250, Kenwood.