Install a shower: yes, but which one?


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To optimize the space, the shower is the best solution. There is a multitude, proof in pictures.

Essential in a bathroom, the shower tends to be more advantageous than the bath because it offers fast use and saves considerable space. Many solutions are available but it is important to choose the right location and especially to choose what type of shower you want: shower cabin ready to install, a custom shower, a walk-in shower, a shower open or closed shower, hydromassage shower ... Here are the different possibilities of showers that are available to your bathroom ...

1. A shower with an extra flat tray

The shower with an extra flat tray, ie ultra thin, is the big trend in the bathroom and the manufacturers do not lack imagination in both materials and colors. This type of receiver is also an excellent alternative to the walk-in shower.

2. A glass-walled shower

Open shower or glass-walled shower, it is easy to opt for the second solution to optimize the space. Because shower screens have many advantages! Perfectly waterproof, rigid so easy to clean, they let the light through bringing comfort and modernity. In glass or acrylic, straight or curved, they adapt with style to all configurations.

3. A shower enclosure or integral shower

Ready-to-install shower cabins offer the easiest and fastest way to create a shower area. Square, rectangular, quarter-circle ... their shapes and dimensions allow any type of implantation. Easy and practical ...

4. A walk-in shower

The walk-in shower makes it crack more than one: it's a walk-in shower with no door for easy access. It blends in the atmosphere of a room or a bathroom.

5. A classic but elegant shower

The main feature that distinguishes the conventional shower from other types of showers is that the receiver is placed on the floor. The advantage of a classic shower is that you can design it in stages. Here, it is equipped with a sliding door.

6. A hydromassage shower

For all forms of showers, you can opt for the hydromassage formula. Different hydromassage shower facilities, to be chosen according to your budget, allow to be massaged and to relax.

7. A shower with rainwater jet

The shower area is harmoniously combined in the bathroom. Combining comfort and modernity, the shower now opens to relaxation. The rain shower has a soft feeling of well being. In addition, she is design.

8. An XXL shower

Generally in length, these showers have a lot of success for an absolute relaxation. The large XXL shower is the new luxury of the bathroom. More than the bathtub ...

9. A masonry shower

The walls are built with bricks, waterproof tiles or glass blocks. The tap is built into the wall.

10. Shower screens and screens for a shower

One, two or three sides for square, rectangular or semicircular showers, or single for a masonry space. These shower screens are also custom-made for walk-in showers or tight spaces.

11. A tailor-made shower

The customized shower is composed according to your desires, your needs and architectural constraints. You choose your door and / or wall, your faucet and your shower tray.

12. Shower baths

For those who do not want to choose between bath and shower, the handsets are the space saving solution. The bathtub is flat-bottomed to ensure stability and therefore safety in a standing position. It is equipped with a fixed or pivoting wall. Some models of bath-shower are equipped with a perfectly sealed and secure door. They thus offer easy access for all members of the family, young and old.