10 inspirations to create a reading corner in your living room

10 inspirations to create a reading corner in the living room

Simon Maxwell

Inspiration Pinterest For lack of space or ideas, it is often difficult to set up an original and cozy reading nook in the living room. To release the pressure and entrust your mind to relaxation and daydream, create the ideal reading space in your living room with these 10 inspirations.

Your library corner deserves more than just shelves! Embellished with comfortable seats, colorful cushions and plaids, abundant objects and decorative accessories trendy or vintage, in a design or offbeat style, the reading corner comes to the envy. A little help to inspire and read in all serenity with these 10 singular reading spaces.

A quiet and uncluttered reading area

Barbara Iweins

All dressed in white, this room hosts a junk of objects and decorative accessories that boost the uniformity and simplicity of the decor. Wooden crates to hold books and belongings, irregularly shaped frames on the bookcase, and rattan bench for lounging and reading. The imagination has something to stimulate!

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An unusual and offbeat reading space


Sway while reading a classic of literature, a funny posture? But what effect in an interior! This library located on an entire wall mixes styles, materials and colors: industrial, turquoise, wood ... for a space offbeat but welcoming. The originality of the place? Its two sitting-swings that invite the reader to relax and ... to the attraction!

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A design and colorful library space to structure the living room

Maxie Brouillet

For more vitality, the sobriety of the living room and its gray fabric sofa is twisted by the red wall behind the library area. The latter, made of aligned wooden blades, structures the space and plays on the perspectives. All this gives a design corner dedicated to reading, where creative minds can navigate and learn.

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A green and cozy library corner

Sean Fennessy

Going to a cozy and lively corner surrounded by green plants tempts you? This library corner is for you! With its shelves lining piles of books and decorated with personal decorative objects, its couch provided with plaids and colorful cushions, and its many plants, this is an ideal living space to take refuge, to read and to escape.

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A library niche adapted to small spaces

Simon Maxwell

Furnishing separate and comfortable spaces in small apartments is often a real headache. This cozy and design library corner solves the problem with style. A gray padded armchair matching its footrest is placed closest to the library in an alcove. All in a minimalist and wired trend inspired by Scandinavian design.

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A clever library bench with a view

Ben Sklar for The New York Times

Using the library as a support for your bench, you had to think about it! A soft mattress, and a series of motley pillows come to welcome lovers of letters to curl up the time for a reading. With a large window surrounded by stone walls, this space with a crazy character, is ideal in winter to stay warm while admiring the view outside.

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Softness and light side reading corner

Åke Eson Lindman

This small cocoon arranged under the window of the living room invites to calm and serenity. Cleverly, the library was used to create a recess closer to the light source to install cushions, throws and bench. In a bucolic style, powdery pink and flowery fabrics adorn the space of softness, in the extension of the immaculate white prevailing on the walls and the ceiling. The designer furniture, meanwhile, is discreet in this space full of sweetness.

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Touches of vitality in an immaculate library

Magnus Klitten

Floor-to-ceiling, this living room and its library are draped in a bright white. Only distinctive elements, decorative accessories that bring touches of color and vitality. Like this pink fuchsia lamp that turns into a reading light or this sky blue cushion with baroque motifs. The ideal place for readers who prefer bright and soothing atmospheres.

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Spirit workshop in the reading corner

Petra Reger, Wertvoll photografie

The glass roof, recent darling of our interiors, offers this corner reading an unstoppable stamp. Antiqued wood bookcase, elegant black seats, polished concrete floor: the charm of the industrial style operates! Little more? The form of furniture such as boxes aligned. Shallow, it does not clutter the space but allows to compartmentalize the works.

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A vintage spirit reading corner

Lina Östling

You are a jack of all traders with an adventurous temperament? The style of this library should please you. On simple wooden shelves is a large collection of books, CDs and DVDs that extend into a recess with a retro record player. A secret and mysterious corner, where the decorative details encourage us to travel like this old planisphere in height.

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