Philippe Starck: the interview ball!


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This dear Philippe Starck multiplies the green projects: wind, car, electric bike ... The Express Styles interviewed him by drawing 10 numbers between 1 and 49, each corresponding to a question ...

3. Would you like to share your knowledge?

Philippe Starck: Every human has a duty of transmission. I taught in the past and I was disappointed. I try to give some ethics to my children. And to infuse messages to my objects. The gun-shaped Gun gold lamps, edited by Flos, symbolize the collusion of money, war and death.

23. Are you more like a bike or a metro?

Philippe Starck:I have never taken the subway of my life because I am claustrophobic and I can not understand the plans. As a result, I walk a lot and I often travel by bike or motorcycle. Rethinking the design of the new Navigo map for 2013, I wanted to ennoble public transit. It is a citizen service.

17. Do you recommend a record for a tête-à-tête?

Philippe Starck:No. The goal of a tête-à-tête is to speak: everyone must listen to each other's music.

1. What material do you like most to touch?

Philippe Starck:The skin. The only one that is exciting and, above all, vital. Nevertheless, in my profession, one can not love only one subject, one needs to understand them all. It's as if an author used only a few letters to write. Impossible.

37. Your life is adapted to the cinema. Who plays the role?

Philippe Starck:My wife would say George Clooney; I would answer: Peter Ustinov, alas!

47. What did your parents pass on to you and which you are proud of?

Philippe Starck:My dad gave me creativity. My mother, the plume.

43. The defect you claim?

Philippe Starck:The absence. I am permanently elsewhere. This is a big fault for my entourage and myself. But also what allows me to build imaginary worlds.

33. At the carnival ball, what are you disguised in?

Philippe Starck:In nothing. I do not know the lie or the disguise. It's probably very funny, but I never understood the reason, I'm unable to disguise myself in anything.

27. A landscape that arouses dreams?

Philippe Starck:The sea. Hasty, wild, windy, cold and foaming ...

13. Complete this sentence: "There is more after ..."

Philippe Starck:Because beauty is that everything ends. The extreme difficulty is to understand that there is no under or behind, there is no before or after. There is only what we see, it is is our look that gives an existence to things.

Complementary question: do you see life in green?

Philippe Starck:Obviously, but it's not a choice, it's an implication, a duty, a priority, and an urgency. I am rather avant-garde on this theme. Moreover, I work on electric moped projects, solar boats and new forms of energy capture.