What color to skate a piece of furniture?

What color to skate a piece of furniture?

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Neutral tones no longer have the monopoly of the patina. The colors now dress our old wooden furniture with energy and elegance. The patina reinvented has something to enchant us ...

Timeless, clear and natural tones are a safe bet for skating our antique furniture. But to reinvent themselves and give more personality to this technique, big names such as Libéron and furniture brands have decided to bet on more daring shades. Here are our favorites.

1. Blue to revive our old wooden furniture

In the kitchen or the dining room, the blue patinated furniture offers a place of choice. Available in all its colors, the blue paint knows how to adapt with discretion or to establish itself as the flagship color of the house.

A piece of furniture patinated in blue for an interior with a marine spirit

Houses of the world

The maritime ambience prevails in this house with the braided carpet, the old wooden canopy, the starfish, the shells and this beautiful piece of furniture patina. The blue of the latter attracts the eye while remaining soft, it acts here like a real invitation in a house of seaside.

A kitchen revamped thanks to the blue patina


Classics, this kitchen and its furniture could quickly annoy us. But it was not counting on the coolness brought by the patina. Delicate, the blue brings the necessary modernity to this piece without distorting it.

A flashy blue for a successful patina

Dulux Valentine

If we advise against abusing it, we can only recommend that you try it. In small doses, the flashy blue is extremely pretty. On a piece of furniture or small touches, it will bring dynamism and personality to any room.

2. The rose boosts the patina

In total look or slight shade, the rose is reinvented with the patina and offers a new way to revive old furniture by giving them style and modernity.

A pink patina affirmed for a revamped kitchen


Neither flashy nor girly, this rose fits perfectly on this old kitchen furniture. There is no doubt that this color patina is unanimous throughout the family and has made this heavy enough buffet the piece of furniture of the play.

A rosy hue for an old patinated armchair


The color here is the fabric that brings it. No need to do too much with the patina! Choosing a hue for strong color is the best idea. Between the pink and the purple, the patina adapts here to perfection and sublimates in beauty the finishes of this old wooden armchair.

3. The patina says yes to green

Pulling towards blue or white, green plays the nature card in every room of the house. The patina reinvents itself so smoothly for our greatest happiness.

As a reminder of different pieces of furniture, the bluish green patina illuminates the kitchen

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The multiplication of this hue between green and blue on different pieces of furniture offers harmony and vitality to the dining room. Very successful, the aged effect of the patina can accentuate the contrast between modernity and warmth.

A light green for a refined patina

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To start gently in the colored patina, nothing better than delicate shades. When the wall is already tinted, leaving too much color is a riskier choice. The sweetness of the two tones marries here perfectly.

4. The gray, card tenderness of the patina

Always as effective, the gray brings softness and discretion with style on the old furniture thanks to the patina.

Without forcing, the gray is needed in the child's room


Discreet, almost invisible, gray patina is inviting with finesse in all interiors. The dresser of the child's bedroom resumes life here while remaining discreet not to erase the cradle and decorative accessories.

The gray patina, a timeless

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There are many options for repainting furniture of this type. Here is the patina that has been favored and success is at the rendezvous. Assumed, the gray proves that it can make all the difference and stand out on a piece of furniture patina.

5. In patina, the white keeps its rank

Inescapable, the white remains the predominant choice when one starts in the patina. Difficult to get bored, the white patina always makes us crack. Its romantic and charming side continues to inspire us, so why not give in?

Houses of the world

6. Woody colors for patinated furniture

Nothing is more natural than to opt for brown tones to skate an old wooden furniture. The result is often conclusive.

Light patina for authentic furniture


Because the interest of skating is sometimes only to revitalize an old piece of furniture, we like this tone on your chestnut. Keeping the initial identity of the furniture, the patina is here as felted as effective.

A woody and golden patina to give even more cachet

Dulux Valentine

Timeless, old-style armchairs follow trends while maintaining their character. The woody and golden hue is here totally adapted.