Renovation bathroom: 5 tips to reduce the addition

Walk-in shower with concrete effect wall panel, patchwork of cement floor tiles, suspended imitation wood furniture. Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

You have a project for the bathroom but with a reduced budget. It would be necessary to replace the radiator with a heated towel rail, change the old bathtub, renovate the large closet and give a good stroke of paint. Can not call a professional, and for materials, it will have to look for good deals. Côté Maison offers 5 ideas to renovate without spending too much.

Even with a very small budget, renovating the bathroom must be a pleasure. Have fun ! If the heart tells you, go take a course of DIY, specialized supermarkets offer. You will learn how to tile or install a walk-in shower. Then, activate your network, ask for help and offer yours. For tools and equipment, there are rentals, balances and sales between individuals. The transformation of your bathroom can begin.

1. I renovate my bathroom thanks to promotions and good plans

During the sales period, you may have noticed that do-it-yourself superstores sell off the end of the line and exposure models. Hurry! You will find basins, faucets, paint and tiling to renovate your bathroom. A trick to easily spot a quality tile: it is heavy, a sign that it has undergone a major pressing and its scratch resistance (expressed in Mohs and indicated on the packaging) is at least equal to 5.

If you prefer online promotions, you are spoiled for choice. Look for the "bargains" corner and the exclusive web offers, whose prices are often tight.

Finally, radiators, sinks and faucets have joined the world of private sales, as well as clothing and handbags. These flash operations on major brands book very good surprises. Ideal to renovate the bathroom without piercing his wallet.

2. I buy my bathroom equipment from private individuals

The French are renovating and tinkering. A few square meters of tiles that remain at the end of the building site, a beautiful basin become useless after the installation of a new piece of furniture ... The sites of sale between individuals are full of good deals, in nine or second hand, to renovate your room. baths.

Go see the product, check its condition and that of accessories (flexible, plug, etc.). For a beautiful glass occasional bowl, in perfect condition, count 15 euros, 60 euros for a double basin plan. With these prices, you can have fun and go upmarket. Be careful however to used furniture. The current furniture is not designed to last: the humidity and assembling / disassembling them tired rather quickly.

3. Paint, tile, install: I am helped by family, friends, neighbors to renovate my bathroom

Need a hand to renovate the bathroom? Start by asking your network: family, friends, neighbors. When you moved, you had mobilized a good group, why not launch a new call?

Recruit at least one very good handyman who will take care of the delicate work (radiator connection, plumbing, electricity). This help does not cost anything. Implicitly, we count on you to make it a convivial moment and ensure during the lunch break!

4. I easily renovate my bathroom thanks to peer support networks

If your friends both have left hands, look for personal support networks for your bathroom remodel. Based on the exchange of services, these networks are well organized and connect a requester and an offerer. We do you a service and, in exchange, you make yourself a service to someone else who needs it, according to your abilities: a cooking class, a computer repair, a dog guard ...

Some networks have a virtual currency of exchange that regulates supply and demand. For others, it is a time credit system: you give 1 hour, you are entitled to 1 hour.

5. I rent my tools from individuals for the renovation of my bathroom

In your cupboards, yet well filled, you do not have a tile saw, percussion drill, or crimping gun. But the renovation of the bathroom, is primarily a matter of tools. For one-off use, tool rental is more economical than buying. Internet sites dedicated to renting between individuals flourish. Count about 20 euros of rental per day for an electric tile cutter and 5 euros for a drill.

Seize every opportunity to smartly renovate your bathroom: buy at the best price, mobilize your network and rent your tools just as much as you need. You can change bathroom, improve comfort and make it more cheerful, with a small budget, a little time and energy.