Patricia Urquiola: a wind of poetry blows finally on the design



Interview with Patricia Urquiola, a free and original woman who infuses her furniture with an alluring fantasy, loaded with poetry and a very simple simplicity. We, we love it!

In less than ten years, Patricia Urquiola has established itself, in architecture as in design, and multiplies the projects. Free and original, intuitive, curious about everything, she draws her inspiration from the world around her as so many experiences that combine artisanal methods with industrial imperatives. And infuses his furniture with an alluring fantasy full of poetry and a very simple simplicity.

Spain, Italy and you?

My roots are Spanish, I studied architecture in Madrid, then in Milan, with Achille Castiglioni. My collaboration with Vico Magistretti, and later with Piero Lissoni, taught me a lot before opening my agency in 2000. It was a change in my personal life.

Your first published object?

The chair Flower, co-signed with Vico Magistretti for De Padova. It was a great honor for me. Even today I feel very connected to this work.

How did your collaboration with Moroso begin?

With the couch Step, in 1998, made with a lot of love. Thanks to him was born a very natural relationship with Patrizia Moroso.

What idea inspired you the new Moroso collection? Why Uzbekistan?

In fact, the theme was proposed by Patrizia Moroso. We used the traditional method of Uzbek embroidery from our own modern designs.

The outdoor collection "Crinoline" and "Ravel" by B & B Italia?

I wanted to work on an archetype and to transform it by using two variations with both handcrafted and synthetic materials with the same sophistication. During my stays in the Philippines with a B & B technician and local producers, I worked with artisans to look for new braiding techniques. Sometimes we were up to forty artisans. The workshop was fantastic, except for 40 ° C and 90% humidity!

Where does your taste for braiding and curves come from?

For Maia outdoor seating at Kettal, everything started with a braiding that I was experimenting with for an architectural project. As far as Emu's Re-found, I drew inspiration from the publisher's historical collection while using modern technologies.

It is said that you created Moroso's "Smock" armchair thinking about your daughter's dresses?

I proceed by analogy and inspiration often comes from my personal life. In this case, the idea amused me that a businessman could sit on a seat with this smocked finish.

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

All the products that come from the studio are my babies, more or less lucky. If I was not convinced they would not have come out. I take responsibility for everything I sign and I never use an alibi to say it's another's fault.

What will you be exhibiting in April at the Milan Furniture Fair?

I am installing the Moroso booth on which I present the series of Rift seats, an African pouf and models from Uzbekistan. For Molteni, a sofa bed and a library; a bed too and chairs at De Padova's; a collection of light fixtures for Flos; at Axor, the complete bathroom collection; tables for Mutina and a pouf for Kartell, carpets for Gandia Blasco, a table ordered by Peter Mabeo. I forgot, a personal exhibition in the MaxMara store!

Your projects ?

Complete the layout of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona, ​​take care of a W hotel in the Caribbean, present another outdoor collection for B & B, and extend the products for the table at Rosenthal.

Studio Urquiola srl, piazzale Libia, 5, 20135, Milan, Italy, tel. : 0039 02 87 18 48.