The success of the thermodynamic water heater

The success of the thermodynamic water heater


Will the thermodynamic water heater, which combines the hot water tank and heat pump, become the new standard for independent hot water production? In detached house maybe!

In 2014, more than 72,000 thermodynamic water heaters were sold. While we are far from the 1 400 000 annual electric balloons, but this system of production of domestic hot water, which allows, compared to an electric balloon, to halve the consumption of electricity, makes its way at high speed .

According to the manufacturers, the installation of a thermodynamic water heater is profitable in two to five years, depending on the amount of the investment (count 2,500 to 3,000 euros including tax) and the volume of water consumed. Warning: installers often offer 300-liter balloons, which cost little more than the balloons of lesser capacity. But a balloon too big compared to the needs, displays a yield and a lower efficiency.

The thermodynamic water heater: 3 hot springs

When the thermodynamic water heater is said to be "monobloc", the heat pump is integrated into the flask, and the unit is installed in an unheated space of more than 10 m2 (25 m3): either the appliance recovers the calories outside air via a system of ducts, or it recovers the calories from the air of the room that receives it.

In the latter case, it must be remote or insulated (from the thermal point of view) of heated living spaces, to prevent the device from heat pump and calories recovered on one side does not be lost on the other. Unheated, the room must still display an ambient temperature between 12 and 15 ° C. Some models allow the recovery of heat on the air extracted by the VMC, which has the advantage of being always at 20 ° C: this solution is to be studied in the context of the construction of a house.

When the thermodynamic water heater is a split or a bi-block, the storage tank and the heat pump are separated. The latter is then installed outside, in the garden, but connected to the balloon inside which is therefore more compact.

It's the ideal solution when you're out of space. Note: The thermodynamic water heater preferably operates at night, during off-peak hours. When the outside temperature is too low, an electrical resistor takes over.

Attention to the noise produced by the thermodynamic water heater

Whatever the type of device, make sure you choose the least audible model (energy label). When laying, be careful of the location of the heat pump part of the water heater, as its fan can be a nuisance.

Capacity 200 or 242 l. Four preprogrammed modes of use. Double anti-corrosion protection. Heating time less than 10 hours. Nuos, Ariston.


With its sheathed swivel mouths, it draws heat outside. Warranty 2 years heat pump, 5 years tank (ACI hybrid protection). 270 liters. Arialis, Jump.


This model recovers calories from the air extracted by humidity-controlled ventilation to produce up to 280 liters of hot water and meet the needs of a family of 2 to 6 people. Cop 4.01. Sound level 21 dB (A). T.Flow Hygro +, Aldes.