12 original ways to bring pep to your kitchen


12 original ways to bring pep to your kitchen

Leroy Merlin

User-friendly room by definition, the kitchen welcomes the whole family and invites to share good times. It is therefore normal that we want to customize it. Whether relooking one of the walls with wallpaper or offering new tea towels, we do not hesitate to bring the colors and patterns in the kitchen to give it a real touch of pep. Demonstration.

With some simple and dynamic decor ideas, revamp a kitchen and give it style is not so complicated. To decorate a kitchen floor to ceiling, we dress the doors of furniture, we change the floor with printed tiles, not to mention the touch of greenery! Everything is good to give pep to the kitchen and bring it up to date.

1. A turquoise blue splashback to redesign the kitchen

We give pep back to the kitchen with a teal blue splashback. Contrasting with the rest of the tones of this minimalist kitchen, it catches the eye and cheers. Decoration advice : the blue of the tiles highlights the different materials of the kitchen: wood cupboards, cement floor and unbleached bricks, and even rejuvenates the look a little retro kitchen.

In picture : Blue Glasswork Colorado Metro Tile, Tile 10 x 30 cm, 168.67 euros, Original Style.

Original Style

2. Patterned linen for a pop kitchen

Nothing like laundry and patterned dishes to wake up a refined kitchen. We love the big pop flowers of the apron and mugs, revisited in summer colors. Decoration advice Scandinavian neutral decor between white and wood highlights the linen and the crockery.

In picture : Oiva Unikko range with green flowers. Apron 42 euros, kitchen glove 18,50 euros, and mugs, 18,50 euros, Oiva Siirtolapuutahra polka dot range, bowl 19,50 euros, Marimekko.


3. A tiled wall for a retro neo kitchen

50's atmosphere in this kitchen. With a wall dressed with a tiled pattern neo-retro graphics, we give relief to the decor and style to the kitchen. Decoration advice : The rather present graphic design of the motif is soothed by walls painted in one color.

In picture : Porcelain Tile with geometric patterns Saltram collection Odyssey Grande, 300 x 300 x 9 mm, 10.62 euros the tile, Original Style.

Original Style

4. Herbs with aromatic plants to oxygenate the kitchen

Breath of fresh air in the kitchen with these two indoor greenhouses. In the shape of a house, they are as decorative as they are ideal for cultivating aromatic plants. Decoration advice Since the plants they contain need light to flourish, they are instead placed on a windowsill.

In picture Greenhouse greenhouse in culture kit for 8 plants including a shelf 1 level in galvanized steel and fertilizer, cultivation balls, a root ball for seedling, a box of seedlings and horticultural Led lighting, 44 x 25 x 42 cm, 95, 45 euros, Ikea.


5. Mismatched furniture doors for a patchwork kitchen

Long live cooking in freedom! We let go and we dare to mend his kitchen cupboards with blue, wood and white relief. Decoration advice : we are limited to two colors with a third that wakes up, and no more to stay chic and not harlequin.

In picture : Crystal blue kitchen with mixed cupboards Delinia Nordik wood finish and white faceted cupboards Origami, from 626 euros the kitchen type and between 20 and 50 euros the kitchen door. Bright white laminate worktop, 179 euros, Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

6. Two cement tile effect rugs for a country kitchen

Room to live in its own right, the kitchen, like the living room, dresses with carpets as practical as deco, waterproof and washable. With their cement tile-like design, these carpets give a new lease of life to the brown wood floor of the kitchen. Decoration advice : we install at least two carpets on the ground for a warmer result.

In picture : Jaffa vinyl carpet, 70 x 120 cm, 108 euros, Beija Flor.

Beija Flor

7. A colorful suspension to brighten up the kitchen

With its industrial style, this pendant brings a loft touch to this modern kitchen. Revisited in turquoise, it cheers and catches the eye. Decoration advice : placed above the wooden worktop, this suspension modernizes a kitchen a little too white.

In picture : Industrial suspension Factory turquoise color, 27 x 27 x 30 cm, 110 euros, HKLiving.


8. A curtain in flowery fabric to hide the bazaar

We hide with good humor unsightly accumulations at the top of the cupboards with a curtain in colored cloth. With their fancy patterns, these custom-made curtains create a color cluster that catches the eye and brings the kitchen cheerfulness and good mood. Decoration advice : we prefer small curtains so that the pattern is not too present and we choose a design that matches the colors of the furniture.

In picture : Fabric with m. from 5 euros the m. in 150 cm L., Ikea.


9. A pink basin for a more girly kitchen

Original, this basin brings color and a touch of tenderness in the kitchen. Functional, it offers a good depth and a large worktop to put dishes and food. Decoration advice : the pink girly side of the sink is tempered with touches of gray on the credence.

In picture : Shira sink sink in quartz and pink resin, 86 x 52 cm, 329.90 euros, gray tiles decor tip Corolle, 2.99 euros, Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

10. A blackboard refrigerator

Dressed in a special slate-like coating to write on, this blackboard refrigerator makes talking talkative. Ideal in a family kitchen, it is in addition to its function of fridge, an element of communication thanks to the drawings and words that everyone can register there. Decoration advice : its brilliant black color brings chic and style to the kitchen.

In picture : Fridge combined cold Blackboard blackboard with black glass front, 2m 11 x 60 x 67 cm, 2012 euros, Miele.


11. A poetic wallpaper to highlight the kitchen furniture

Who said that the wallpaper did not put itself in the kitchen. Perfect for adding elegance to the room, this floral wallpaper on a pale gray background subtly enhances the furniture of the countryside kitchen. Decoration advice : we add some black and wooden accessories to awaken the harmony of gray.

In picture : Flora non-woven wallpaper, 104 euros roll of 10 x 53 cm, Sandberg.


12. Fun adhesive films for kitchen furniture

No need to change closet doors. One twists his credence and kitchen furniture with fancy adhesive films. Equipped with "free bubbles" for easier bonding and scratch resistant, they are applied to smooth surfaces, credenzas and cabinet doors. Decoration advice : Temper very pop patterns like the circle with false colored polka dots.

In picture : Easy films design madness artfolieIda, from 23 euros the patterned film,