Why choose the bay block for my new windows

This model with external roller shutter box does not change the aesthetics of the room. Lapeyre bay block.


You want to change the window and protect it with a shutter: why not opt ​​for a two-in-one solution? The bay block, comprising a bay window and a roller shutter, is both practical and effective, and provides great brightness to the interiors. Discover the strong points and this product with dual competence ...

The bay block is a product combining a window and a shutter (chest + apron). Sold in a single "block", PVC or aluminum, it has many advantages.

What are the benefits of a bay block?

- The block-bay offers a better quality / price ratio than the purchase of two separate products. The cost of labor is halved, since the craftsman puts everything at the same time.

- You avoid intervention from the outside (very practical if you are upstairs).

- You will have a reliable product. The risks of loss of tightness between window and shutter are less, because the joints are made at the factory. The trunk was previously considered the weak point of the device, but it has seen significant improvements in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

The inner shutter box, once the deck is raised, does not distort the facade. Soprofen.


Does the bay block lose clarity?

It all depends on the model. There are, in fact, several types of bay-blocks:

- The outside bay block, where the rolling shutter box is located under the lintel, will make you lose more daylight than an inner bay block. But the aesthetics of your room will be preserved.-

- The inner bay block ensures a daylight similar to that of a new classic window and the appearance of your facade will not be changed. Inside, the boot of the shutter will be, according to the model, more or less prominent a few centimeters.

This model with external roller shutter box does not change the aesthetics of the room. Lapeyre bay block.


Is it necessary to motorize the rolling shutter of its bay block?

Do not hesitate one second: motorize! The presence of a strap or a crank sometimes creates air leaks at the roller shutter box and reduces the "insulating" effect of the bay block. The life expectancy of a motorized roller shutter is even greater than that of a manually operated shutter. The motorization also prevents manual lifting of the deck. It is possible to automate its operation by connecting the shutter to a sunshine sensor or thermostat, to operate at the best time, or create scenarios simulating a presence. The bay block is a cheap product, full of resources!

This bay unit combines a PVC Evoluence window, a shutter and, optionally, an integrated blind. Storists of France.

Storists from France

Privilege certified berry blocks!

The NF block-bay mark guarantees the quality of the product. Its ranking of 1 to 4 stars will give you a precise idea of ​​its overall performance, class 4 being the best.