I'm revamping the house in a weekend!


I'm revamping the house in a weekend!


No need for many means or tedious DIY to revamp the four corners of the house. A weekend, a bit of imagination, a selection of well-chosen shopping ... And voila! Demonstration.

Reviving one's interior is not necessarily a complicated undertaking. A vintage furniture transformed with a little adhesive, some delicately colored vases placed on the living room table, a bed of graphic bed in the room ... And it's all the space that comes alive, in a few moments! With Côté Maison, distil a bit of color, some pretty objects and good deco tips in your home to offer a (real) second wind!

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1. A custom sideboard to twister the decor of the show

You like this vintage credenza found in a flea market. But how to say ... over time, you find that it lacks panache. To transform it without indelible implementation, why not try adhesive paper? To reproduce the project below, nothing is easier. First remove the furniture handles for the time of the customization. Carry the dimensions of the cupboards and drawers on the back of slate and printed adhesive sheets. Cut. Glue on the support with a spatula to remove air bubbles. Replace the handles. You just have to draw with chalk on the areas of the support redone with paper slate. The artist is you!

Printed black and green stickers, Castorama, from 6.99 euros per roll.


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2. Trendy and graphic bed linen for the bedroom

Giving a boost to the room is to bring maximum light to the room while inviting the little trend note that goes well! To do this, we do not hesitate to set his sights on a bed linen at once fresh, graphic and refined. Our favorite model? The "Dot" ornament with the speckled print, signed by the Danish brand Oyoy.

Bed linen, Oyoy, 87 euros.


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3. A sofa reinvented with pretty cushions mismatched

Want to offer more character to your sofa? Dress it with a multitude of soft cushions, selected in the style of your three-seater. You hesitate as to the colors to adopt? Our advice: choose cushions in the same shades of colors, in the dominant colors of the room, to maintain a beautiful overall harmony and avoid any faux pas déco.

Cushions, AM.PM., from 29 euros one.


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4. Artificial flowers for the dining room

To transform the dining room, think of artificial plants, stitching in colorful demijohns ... More real life, these XXL artificial flowers bring a breath of fresh air to the decor, maintenance and inconvenience less. The result is both poetic and stylish, so we put on these big rods to decorate the table of the dining room!

Artificial flower, HK Living, from 12.95 euros one.

HK Living

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5. Dress your windows with beautiful curtains

To frame windows a little sad, nothing like colored curtains, chosen in a beautiful material. In linen, they filter out too much brightness while warming the atmosphere of their bluish color. This is enough to awaken the atmosphere of your living room without doing too much!

Aina curtains in blue linen, 145 x 300 cm, 69 euros, Ikea.


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6. An acid colored wall

Do not hesitate to dress a piece of wall with color to completely transform the atmosphere of an alcove, a corner of room to the fine, a base ... No need to cover a complete wall, a touch of paint is enough for the color to do its work! Your room is north-facing? Instead, choose a warm shade to bring warmth and maximum light to the space, multiplying its style.

Painting "Eternal Red", Dulux valentine, 44.90 euros the pot of 2.5 L.

Dulux Valentine

7. An adhesive credenza for the kitchen

Your kitchen credenza looks gray? Do not panic, there are very effective minute adhesive solutions to transform it without changing everything! Fall for example for a model trompe-l'oeil colored cement tiles, like the red and pink "Albertas" credenza, signed by the Boutique du Grand Cirque.

Adhesive Credenza "Albertas", The Big Circus Shop, 65 euros.

The Grand Circus shop

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8. Walls transformed with weaving

In black and white, multicolored, very graphic or more vaporous ... The weavings are on the rise this season. Better, they are now available in shops at low prices, to succumb to the trend without breaking the bank. There is no reason to hesitate, especially since weaving is the ideal candidate to easily transform the ambience of a room. One or two specimens galore on a wall and here is a gypset atmosphere that installs in seconds. Perfect !

Weaving, Pimkie, from 19.99 euros depending on the model.

Pimkie Home

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9. Green windows

We definitely fall for the trend green, essential in our interiors for three seasons. To offer more style to the living room, kitchen or bedroom, what better besides a few delicate plant suspensions. The good idea? Install them in sets of three or four to revamp the windows and reinvigorate the space. Colorful ceramic, bamboo ... The available models are legion, let's take advantage!

Plant suspensions, Bloomingville, from 37 and 41 euros one.


10. A sofa base that changes

Often, it's the details that make all the difference. Your sofa has lost its beauty? Give it a second life by replacing its old base with a graphic and colorful model, such as these cute specimens devised by the Swedish Pretty Pegs. Some soft cushions selected in the same colors as your new legs, and the sofa is totally metamorphosed!

"Hillevi" sofa legs, Pretty Pegs, 60 euros for 4 feet.

Pretty Pegs

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11. A carpet of character for the living room

Your living room lacks personality? Do not forget to relook the floor, he also signs the atmosphere and style of the room. Think for example to summon a fluffy graphic carpet around the sofa, to visually delineate the reception area, bringing a cozy and elegant note. Our darling of the moment? This black and beige model with braces, spotted at Harley & Lola.

Benni carpet, Harley & Lola, 334 euros.

Harley & Lola

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12. Nature spirit suspensions for the dining room

Reviving the house is also revitalizing volumes by punctuating the space. And to fulfill this mission, what better than two or three suspensions while rounded placed above the table of dining room? A skilful way to delineate the dining area while cultivating purity and elegance. We choose suspensions natural fiber (rattan, bamboo ...), very popular this season, and just perfect to bring warmth and authenticity to a Nordic atmosphere or very design.

Suspensions, Design Emmanuel Gallina, AM.PM., 299 euros one.


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