Quotation: install a high-end dressing


Quotation: install a high-end dressing


Do you dream of a beautiful dressing room in your room or in the room next door? Here is an example of a decrypted quote that will allow you to concretize this project ...

Description of the work to be performed

A couple wants to build two dressing rooms, one in a blind room adjoining the room, the other in the eaves. In the first, they want to be able to store everyday clothes and shoes. The room is 1.50 x 2.50 m with a ceiling height of 2.50 m. The dressing must be functional so that everything finds its place. For this space, the budget is comfortable, while remaining reasonable.

The quote in detail

Company: dressing specialist Descriptive drawing n ° 90 Client: Mr. and Mrs. Lecouturier, Place de la République 24000 PERIGUEUX Périgueux, September 2nd, 2008 Layout of a dressing room of 3.75 m² (1), made to measure and in " U ", closed by 3 sliding doors at the entrance to the room

1. Structure

Wenge tinted panel (thickness: 19 mm) (2), birch tinted base (10 mm out, grooved on all 4 sides for optimum resistance) Dimensions (3): L. 1,50 / 2,50 / 1.50 (ie 5.50 linear meters) x h. 2.50 x p. 60 cm

2. Interior fittings

- Double wardrobe (costumes) - High wardrobe (dresses) - Angle with pullover (coat + sweaters) - Drawer unit (with total drawers, brakes (4) at end of sliding, invisible slides) - Shelves - Door trousers - Sliding shoe rack - Sliding tie rack - Sliding belt rack - Reclining wardrobe - Lighting

3. Facades

Custom sliding fronts at the entrance to the room: 2 wenge wood doors and 1 mirror door (16 mm panel dep., Non-deformable and stainless steel profiles and rails, anti-slip system)> Interior fittings 4295, 00 € HT> Façades 1086, 00 € HT ______________ Total Cost of Supplies (Excl. Tax) 5381, 00 €


Total (tax incl.) 495, 00 € _______________

Total Works HT5876, 78 € before tax

VAT 5.5% (6) 323, 22 € _______________

TOTAL WORKS TTC 6 200, 00 €

Our comments and clarifications

(1) A dressing of a good surface

The space devoted to dressing should have a minimum surface of 3.50 to 4 m2 (1.5 x 2.5 m). But to be able to dress indoors, it is better to envisage 5 m2.

(2) Choices for the structure: the quality indices

A good dressing must be stable and offer good resistance to pressure. It all depends on the thickness of the panels used (at least 18 mm), the backs of cabinets, as well as the quality of the assembly. Here, the panels are mounted in groove, which ensures squaring of the cabinet.

(3) Dimensions to the height

A dressing room can completely cover a wall section. Shelves beyond 2 m in height are generally open (without doors) and are used for storing objects or casual clothes. To remain accessible, the drawers must not be more than 1.30 m high.

(4) Lifetime and safe handling for the dressing room

On high-end models, some equipment ensures the dressing a longer life and secure use. Thus, the openings can be equipped with stainless steel rails, non-deformable Teflon rollers, anti-finger-grip stops, end-of-slip brake or anti-derailment screws.

(6) Benefits with VAT

By having your dressing room installed by a professional, you will benefit from a reduced rate VAT (5.5% instead of 19.6%) on all products purchased.

What price for quality storage?

There are some at all prices. Also, when you buy a cabinet, better to "test" before. Slide the doors to check their ease of opening: they must slide noiselessly and without rubbing between them. Press on the bottom of the cabinet to appreciate its solidity: it must be resistant and do not sink.Bref, check that the set is stable and will not threaten to collapse as soon as you have stored your wardrobe.

A variable budget

The basic investment for a bespoke dressing room starts at around € 1,000, but can reach peaks (over € 10,000) .Dimensions, finishes and options make the price of single to double. Thus, it takes between 1,000 and 3,000 € for a standard straight model, including interior arrangements. For an angle version, the budget is at least € 1,500. Finally, a "U" model has a higher cost (from € 3,000).

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