9 design shelves completely hit!


9 design shelves completely hit!

Lemon Press

More than just a storage unit, shelves and bookcases have become decorative elements in their own right. Their original shapes bring an aesthetic and personal touch to your interior. Just as practical, they adapt perfectly to all your needs. And this is not to displease us!

Shelves, libraries are reinvented for our greatest pleasure. Design, graphic or minimalist: there are storage space for all tastes and all desires. So let yourself be tempted ...

A wall shelf all in perspective

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With their mixture of wood and metal, these 3D cubes transform a storage unit into a playful and original object. Its non-full shape gives it an impression of lightness, thus letting the light pass through. This shelf offers multiple storage solutions thanks to its unusual shape.

Designer metal shelf SERAX


Library Joined Wall, Serax, 1,573 euros.

Black structure in lacquered metal and wooden shelves, 152 x 50 x 115 cm, wall-mounted, 9 wooden shelves plus 2 hanging frames for lamp or other objects.

Softness and roundness for this shelf

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Ideal in a child's room, this small shelf is full of possibilities. To suspend with its leather strap, or to put on a dresser, this shelf offers for sure charm and stamp to the room. Its round shape brings softness to this storage element.

Ferm Living

The Round Dorm shelf, Ferm Living, 149 euros.

Birch and beech wood, leather suspension, diameter 55 cm.

A graphic and practical shelf to hang on the wall

Horizontal or vertical: it's up to you! This shelf is just as design as modular. The least nook, end of wood overflowing, is conducive to a possible additional storage. It adapts well, with ease, to all interiors.

H & H

Ermont wall cabinet, H & H, 249 euros.

Wild oak stand, 15 x 100 x 25 cm.

A library like a ladder

Library, private garden, storage space or pretend shop window, with this shelf: you are the master of the place. Its fine and simple aesthetic allows this library to adapt to all interior styles.


Library La Folie Coal and Copper, Laurette - Line L, 1 090 euros.

Painted birch wood and copper, 115 x 205 x 38 cm.

A shelf built like a cube

With its square shape, this bookshelf bookcase is also perfect. It adapts to all rooms and all styles. It is found both in the living room where vases and other decorative elements compose it, as in the children's room to store books and soft toys.


Checker Bookcase 9 squares Scandinavian Design, Alinéa, 159 euros.

120 x 120 x 35 cm, FSC 100% recycled wood particle boards 25 and 16mm, SONOMA V32 clear oak structure with glossy white finish.

A wall shelf, design and minimalist

Like a ribbon that flies away, this shelf wants to be airy and ultra original. This small shelf can be used alone as a pure decorative element, or added to others, to form a true library of the desired size.


Lovely Rita shelf, Kartell, 200 euros.

100 x 20 x 20 cm, PVC colored in the mass available in blue, red and black, design Ron Arad.

A game between showing and hiding with this shelf

Its colorful sheet metal look brings a modern touch to your interior. This shelf is handy to wish, can open and close according to your needs and desires. You can leave visible your small objects, or hide them behind this perforated white door.

Lemon Press

Wall shelf Press Citron, 175 euros.

Designed by Didier Chaudanson and Stéphanie Noël, modules in lacquered sheet metal to be combined according to your desires, mustard / beige or turquoise / beige or green / beige or navy / beige, 70 x 23.5 x 19 cm.

Newspaper racks to stack and hang on the wall

A real newspaper rack made of metal, light and easy to handle thanks to its handles. Handles that can also fit together, so as to create a shelf column. A way to store his little things aesthetically, and without losing space on the ground.


Vasu de Covo storage, 112 euros.

Available in black and white, 45.5 x 25.5 x 35.5 cm.

A shelf to dispose in all directions

Alone, in vertical or horizontal column, this shelf adapts to you. No question to ask to hang it: it has no meaning, no place, no back. With this shelf, just follow your instinct!


Arigato wall shelf from Infiniti designed by Marcello Ziliani, 250 euros.

65 x 23 cm, available in red, white or black, monochrome in SAN.

And also…

A library for fish fans

Go fishing for books! This design and original library both adapts to different features. In an office to store his books, or in the living room as a true decorative object. Although refined, these shelves are not less functional and practical.

Drugeot Labo

Shelf fisherman, Drugeot Labo, 1,016 euros.

20 x 71 x 215 cm, freestanding, storage for 100 CDs or DVDs or 80 books, 3 species of solid local wood: oak, beech and ash, designer Pierre Rochepeau.

A bestial library for toddlers

Original, this library is also practical and aesthetic. It can store books and toys for children, while keeping a childish and trendy decor in the room of your little ones.


Library Junior, Ibride, 1 200 euros.

Compact laminate stand, design by Benoît Convers, 180 x 95 x 60 cm.

A shelf to be like in the clouds

To suspend a plant in your living room or soft toys in your baby's room, this cloud shelf fits whatever your desires. It also brings a touch of freshness and softness to your interior decor.


Shelf hanging cloud, Womb, 41 euros.

Mint, Natural, powdery pink.