Small spaces

Set up a library in a small space

In an attic of 200 m2 renovated, custom staircase shelving marry the creeping

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Want to expose your books without cluttering your home? Why not install a library in a nook? The interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel gives us his expertise on these practical arrangements.

Whether in a renovated attic or in a recess, presentation of libraries that integrate discreetly with your decoration and create storage space.

The opinion of the expert on storage

Jean-Philippe Nuel: "These libraries have a very marked spirit and can encourage them to read differently.Here, as the nook determines the contours of the library, no need for a sophisticated design. In this case, finding the right product is likely to be difficult, so tinkering with it is the best solution, giving depth and meaning to a space that does not have one. "

His favorite library

Jean-Philippe Nuel: "I like the idea of ​​a library in a loft, it offers a nice intimacy for the act of reading, and we can easily imagine a group of children lying on the floor and devouring comics."

In a renovated attic of 200 m2, custom staircase shelving marry the creeping

Home magazine / photo G.Trillard / Reportage M.Lalande

A white MDF bookcase dedicated to pocket books occupies a recess in the entrance of this two-room 27m2 room. Double function, it is used for acoustic insulation of a common wall

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The budget to create a library

Jean-Philippe Nuel: "It depends on the size of the shelves chosen, materials ... With a limited budget, we opt for products from large brands, which we ask ourselves."

Jean-Philippe Nuel

Coming from a family of architects, Jean-Philippe Nuel, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1987, quickly became a key player in the upmarket hotel industry by signing many establishments in Paris and in the provinces without abandoning the private yards. In recent years, he has been called upon to transform hotels into public and historic places like the Molitor swimming pool in Paris, the Hôtel-Dieu in Marseille, the hospices of Lyon and the Avignon prison.

In a former ironwork converted into lofts, a carpenter has made two MDF bookcases that frame the door opening on the bathroom

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