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How to clean a leather sofa?

How to clean a leather sofa?

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The leather is a beautiful material but cleaning is not always easy. Since it is not possible to bring your sofa to the cleaner, you have to be inventive and autonomous! So what are the good tips for cleaning a stained leather sofa ? Answers!

here are some natural recipes for detach and restore radiance to your leather sofa. Of milk, of vinegar, of Marseille's soap... Zoom on effective natural products for to get rid of stains on your leather sofa.

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Clean a leather sofa with vinegar and milk

There are commercially available products to clean your sofa. However, you will have excellent results using cleansing milk and white vinegar. Dust off your sofa then pour some cleansing milk on a clean cloth. Drop a few drops of white vinegar on your cloth and dab your sofa in rub. Vinegar is an antibacterial degreaser; the cleansing milk will nourish the leather and give it flexibility. Then gently wipe a microfiber cloth to buff.

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Cleaning your leather with Marseille soap

Sweet and nourishing, Marseille soap is the best friend of leather. Get yourself a pure Marseille soap, without additives, and remove the dust on your sofa. Using a very slightly wet washcloth, scrub the Marseille soap to obtain a delicate mousse. Then put the glove on your sofa without insisting on the damaged parts. Never rub, you will damage the leather. Rinse the glove and iron it on your couch. You can complete the treatment by applying a little moisturizer on the leather. Finish with a polish to shine the sofa.

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Remove a stain on a leather sofa

Clay stone on a damp cloth is perfect for cleaning a stain on a leather sofa. If you did not remove the stain immediately, it got encrusted in the skin. Slowly soak the dirt with the fabric and see the miracle happen.