Buying Guide: How to choose your tumble dryer?

Buying Guide: How to choose your tumble dryer?


A true product of comfort, the dryer is an ally of weight, especially in urban areas where the clothesline invades the territory and in some particularly wet areas, where nothing dries. The advice of two specialists to equip themselves with full knowledge of the facts.

We are not stopping the progress and the models of tumble dryers are constantly evolving in various technicalities and varied. Exit the old drying cabinet, net recoil for appliances with external evacuation, now places condensing appliances with or without heat pump. Explanations from Sandrine Burlot, Market Manager at Brandt and Tassadit Aït Si Mohamed, ASKO Product Manager.

Three types of tumble dryers

The classic condensing dryer is by far the winner with 63% of the French market. "It's an easy-to-install device, easy to use, the moisture in the laundry is condensed and collected in a container that is emptied after each cycle", explains Tassadit Aït Si Mohamed.

Comes in second place, with 23%, the dryer with external evacuation. "The hot, humid air is evacuated outside the house via a ventilation duct.It is necessary to have a basement or a dedicated laundry and to be able to make a hole in the wall," says Sandrine Burlot.

And, in third position with 13%, the dryer equipped with a heat pump, relatively new on the market and product of future for the two specialists. "More elaborate construction, the heat pump tumble dryer works in a closed circuit, like a refrigerator, it has a condenser, evaporator, compressor and a water tank and is more economical in electricity. , but more expensive to buy, "says product manager ASKO.


What budget for a tumble dryer?

For a conventional condensing unit, it takes an average of 350 euros; for a dryer with external evacuation about 212 euros and 650 euros when you put on the heat pump.

The advantages and disadvantages of different tumble dryers

The dryer with external evacuation had its hour of glory but it is today, for lack of place, less plebiscite in our borders.

The match is therefore between the conventional condensation dryer and the dryer with a heat pump. Except for the relatively large price gap, it is mainly on the energy consumption, on the care of the linen and on the duration of the cycles that the differences are to be taken into account.

"Conventional condensing units that have an energy class B are quite acceptable because they are not H24 products." Those with an A ++ to A +++ heat pump are actually less energy hungry, but their cycles are longer than one hour, "continued Sandrine Burlot. With an average of 3 dryings a week it is not, according to her, an argument of weight. Another sound of Tassadit Aït Si Mohamed: "60% energy saving is not trivial.Year, with a heat pump, it saves about 30 euros compared to a clothes dryer to evacuation. We must not forget that the current trend is to increase energy prices.

Anyway, the two product managers agree that the dryer with heat pump has two other positive points to its credit: it works at low temperatures, in fact better respects the fragile fibers of some textiles and does not warm the room where it is installed.

What capacity?

The capacity of his dryer will depend on that of his washing machine. "Its average load is around 4kg, about 8kg for a tumble dryer is quite sufficient," says Brandt market leader. Same speech at ASKO with one exception: "In a family with 4 sporting children, which dirty a lot, it is sometimes useful to equip a model with a capacity of 11 kg. optimization of his dryer, it is important to spin his laundry at least 1400 revolutions / min before drying ".


As for the programs and the timer

Better to favor models with programs pre-recorded on standard cycles: very dry, ready to store and ready to iron with one side for cotton and another for synthetics on the control panel. "They are tumble dryers equipped with electronic timers with sensors in their drums that measure the moisture content of the laundry and stop automatically," says Sandrine Burlot. "They are more precise and calculate exactly the time of the requested cycle", confirms Tassadit Aït Si Mohamed. Moreover, as these are affordable devices, on average 400 euros, the game is well worth the candle, ensure the two specialists. And to conclude that in tumble dryer uphill range, usually add down programs, wool, silk, microfiber and other sophisticated functions or even connected. But here, prices are not the same.