Buying Guide: How to choose your store?


Buying Guide: How to choose your store?

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In the house or on the terrace, the store gives style. So beautiful that we almost forget its essential qualities of filtration. But the blind is also technical. It blocks the heat, sifts the light and stops the prying eyes to offer us, at every moment, a soft comfort. How to choose a blind adapted to your needs, the windows and the atmosphere of the house? What are the questions that must be asked before buying a blind? We take stock with two experts.

If the great classics are well known, like the awning for the terrace and roller blind, other models might surprise you. The blackout blind immerses any room in complete darkness. With the venetian blind, you regulate the light inputs finely. As for the Japanese panels or the Californian blind, they accompany perfectly the big bays.

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A blind, for what purpose?

"Let's talk about functionality first," says Gilles Bove, Mariton Sales Manager. "What do you expect from the awning?" "Heat or glare protection?" "Controlling brightness?" Or, simply, a decorative effect with an interior blind that affirms a style, resonating with a sofa or cushions? "

Outdoor blinds mainly provide a sun protection function by blocking the sun's rays before they reach the windows. The screen (vertical blind) filters the sun but preserves the view and brightness. The shade awning the terrace, allowing to temper also the house.

To avoid an unpleasant greenhouse effect under the canopies, there are veranda blinds, specific, guided by rails, in interior or exterior version.

The California blind is well suited to large windows, which he emphasizes the height. The bands are weighted at the bottom for a flawless fall.


Always more design blinds

In addition to its protective functions, the blind is shown and must be beautiful. "The choice is not only technical, the decorative dimension is more and more marked," says Jean-François Larré, storist, manager of JFL Stores in Bordeaux. "Some interior blinds now have visible mechanisms with a very studied design, in brushed or satin-finished aluminum, and even in stainless steel.In addition to the canvas, the blind, as a whole, tends to become a very beautiful object".

Side paintings, the possibilities are immense. By playing on materials, colors or patterns one can create the classic, contemporary or offbeat atmosphere consistent with the piece. "We are seeing a growing interest in the acid colors that energize the atmosphere," adds Gilles Bove.

For the awnings, Jean-François Larré put more than ever on the stripes. "They have evolved a lot and, in your tone, they are resolutely modern.They also have a technical advantage, the phenomena of embossing the canvas are almost invisible".

Outside, we do not put only on the awning

When looking for a solution for the outside, it is the awning awning that comes to mind. However, other solutions exist. "It all depends on what you want," explains Jean-François Larré. "To keep the house cool, window blinds (vertical or projection) are sometimes better adapted, they have a good wind resistance, protect from sunrays and their pose is less restrictive."

The awning is ideal for shading the terrace during the day. Before buying it, check its resistance to the wind, indicated by a rating of 0 (which does not withstand the wind) to 3. Also check the warranty period (5 years or +) and the items covered (all, the canvas, the mechanism). It is advisable to take it wider than the openings, to avoid the entrance of oblique solar rays into the house.

Interior blind, pay attention to the maneuver!

The interior blind is coupled to a bay or window. It must be able to be maneuvered without hindrance. "We must take into account the mode of openness" note Gilles Bove. "For sliding windows, you can choose blinds that slide too, such as Japanese panels or blinds with vertical stripes (Californian blinds) .If the opening of the bay is partial, that of the blind can 'to be too. "

For French windows, the blinds can be fixed on the opening. This avoids reassembly before each opening. The tilt and turn windows will be equipped with specific blinds, guided by cables, which will remain well in place during the changeover.

The blind itself can be maneuvered using a chain, a cord or a winch. The electric control (wired and especially radio), common on the awnings, equips now also the interior blinds. It allows grouped openings / closings or automatic operation according to a set point, for example indoor temperature.

At Mariton, innovation goes even further with Rollosmart, a roll-up awning equipped with a motor and an accumulator, which recharges like a mobile phone. The autonomy is about 1 year and a half.

Pleated blinds bring charm and softness to the big bays of the living room.


Dare the dark canvases outside

The thermal and visual comfort under the awning depends in particular on the color of the fabric. "It's true," confirms Jean-François Larré. "On a awning, for example, a dark canvas will stop the heat and sun rays, the comfort will be better, the color of the environment must also be taken into account, do not install a clear canvas if the walls and the floor of the terrace are clear.You could not stay under the blind without sunglasses. "

For the exterior blinds of windows, the observation is identical. "A dark canvas will provide a very good visual comfort inside the house, in contrast with the strong outdoor light," adds Gilles Bove.

For interior blinds, the analysis is a little different, depending on whether you consider the visual comfort (brightness) or thermal (heat). The dark canvases provide good visual comfort but accumulate and restore heat as small radiators, which is quickly unpleasant. To protect yourself from overheating, prefer clear cloths.

What about micro-perforated fabrics? "They are very elaborate textiles" says Jean-François Larré. "The protection (heat, light) is perfectly ensured and, visually, you keep an unobstructed view of the outside, almost as if you did not have a blind."

Modern stripes for this roll awning awning. Realization JFL Stores in Mérignac.

JFL Stores

The venetian blind fits inside ... and outside

Thanks to its adjustable blades, the venetian blind makes it possible to vary the entry of light according to your needs. Indoors, it comes in aluminum or wood blades. Some models are equipped with a cloth decorative strip, it can then be interesting to play on the contrast of the colors strips / strip.

Outside, we talk about sunshade. It dresses the bay and can, according to the models, allow a total occultation of the light. "It's a really practical product to manage perfectly the contribution of light" chains Gilles Bove. "However, it is more for projects in the new.By back, the package of blades is important and must be camouflaged in a niche, which is not always easy renovation."

The adjustable blades of the external sun-breeze make it possible to finely regulate the light inputs.


What price for a store?

The price of your store will depend on many criteria. The dimension, of course, but also the type of maneuver (manual, electric) and features. Thus, some interior blinds can both be raised but also descended from above. The principle is interesting to protect the vis-à-vis by keeping maximum light inputs. Another element impacting the price: the quality of the fabric or fabric. Purely decorative fabric or technical fabric (sun protection, washable, moisture resistant, anti-stain treated, etc.), the choice can vary the price of your blind from single to double.

To choose your store, do not hesitate to call a storist, you will have THE product adapted to your needs, laid in the rules of the art. The professional will guide you on the technical points as on the decorative choices, for a result much higher than your expectations.

Thanks to Jean-François Larré, storist and manager of JFL Stores - JFL Stores in Mérignac (33) - and Gilles Bove, Sales Manager France of Mariton SA, manufacturer of custom blinds in Saint-Laurent. Chamas (13) -