Fit a bathroom with well-being


Both pool and daybed, this bath can take a balneo bath alone or two. It offers three boiling cycles plus underwater lighting, both controlled by remote control. Cleverly, a foldable leather bench serves as a headrest, once folded, and unfolded, covers the bath. 210 x 140 cm. "Sundeck", from 19 200 euros, Duravit.


Swirling baths, relaxing music, fairy lights, scents elsewhere ... the bathroom becomes a bubble of relaxation where we love to relax in peace. Space dream of a return on oneself, it is organized today in true room of life. Because the bathroom should not neglect the practical aspects and hygiene.

Formerly a technical room devoted to the toilet, the bathroom is now seen as a privileged space where the notion of form, well-being and pleasure is a priority. It is no longer considered a frozen, clinical and cold place. The hygienic side of the bathroom disappears in favor of a warm, zen and friendly setting. Not only does it heal its decor but we take full advantage of the latest technological innovations.

Designer bathtubs synonymous with rejuvenation

High tech. Whirlpool tub in white acrylic, to be recessed, with two removable headrests in black polyurethane and a chromed brass handle dressed in black imitation leather. With toning and / or relaxing massage + chromotherapy program, and programmable digital LCD control panel and temperature detector. "Be Cool", Roca, from € 4,612.80 in balneo / air version with 4 colors of lights.


The centerpiece of the bathroom, the bathtub is transformed into anatomical shapes, enveloping lines, round and soft. Revamped under the claw of designers who transform it into precious furniture, the island bath exposes itself in the center of the room, as beautiful inside as outside, in stagings spectacular scenes. Its deep tank, sometimes overflowing, gives an impression of flotation to the body completely immersed. When you have plenty of bubbles and tonic waves in one Balneo bathfor an almost professional hydromassage, happiness is total. In the finest balneotherapy systems, air and water blend well or take turns depending on the desired effects and programs, alternating, according to his desires, gentle or powerful massage.

For even more pleasure, the option chromotherapy for the bathtub - in the form of underwater spots or a system of leds integrated into the hull - allows to influence not only the color of the water but also our psychic. Aromatherapy completes these benefits by diffusing scented scents, new sources of sensations. And when added music, through a Bluetooth connection via its mp3 player or smartphone, the sound spreads through the walls with a very good sound quality. The concert is no longer disturbed by the sounds of the turbines of the balneo who are now working in silence. To stay calm until the end of the session, all functions are automatically engaged. Programming your favorite massage, managing the lighting and the color of the spot or the volume of the music, is a breeze. Just activate the relevant keys on the keypad or via a remote control, to orchestrate a bath finger and eye.

Convertible. Both pool and daybed, this bath can take a balneo bath alone or two. It offers three boiling cycles plus underwater lighting, both controlled by remote control. Cleverly, a foldable leather bench serves as a headrest, once folded, and unfolded, covers the bath. 210 x 140 cm. "Sundeck", from 19 200 euros Duravit.


Performance. Whirlpool bath equipped with two headrests offering 4 automatic programs including lymphatic drainage, chromotherapy and aromatherapy with diffusion of essential oils. An Oled screen keypad and a remote control make it possible to control and select the programs. 170 x 75 and 180 x 80cm. "Quadra" Platinium collection, Aquarine, 5590,62 euros.


Italian shower or extra-flat shower: an invigorating shower

Another star of the bathroom: the shower also adopts new features. Vast, refined, diffusing on command revitalizing or relaxing cascades, it becomes source of absolute pleasure. Nowadays extra-flat, the receivers take off (up to 160 cm or even more than 2m for two-seater models). In the walk-in shower without threshold, with walk in area to dry and dress at ease, they faint to give way to a maxi bunk floor. But the real revolution is in the vertical hydromassage, made today accessible to all with balneo showers. Rain-recessed ceiling mountings, rain or fine misting, gentle warm showers, multi-jet hand showers, rotating and adjustable side nozzles turn the shower into a real fitness center. Simply tap on the electronic control panel to set the temperature of the water or choose your program a la carte: backwater cascade, lymphodrainage, cervical or plantar massage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music ...

Great luxury. Faucet and handshower made of a mixture of 18K gold and copper, in a polished polished finish, including a watering can showerhead, a raised basin mixer and a hand shower. "MEM Finishing Cyprum", Dornbracht, Bath & Deco, 2693 euros (apple head) 3306 euros (mixer) 1432 euros (hand shower)


If you want more, still have to add a hammam function. This hot and humid steam that envelops the body has well-known soothing, anti-stress and detoxifying virtues. And when it combines with the effects of light and the diffusion of extracts of aromatic plants, the whole organism is regenerated!

Light and comfort in the shower

See yourself in front of the ice or relax in a subdued atmosphere bath time ... beyond its functional aspect, the bathroom lighting can have, too, beneficial and healing virtues. Real little geniuses, little greedy to use, the Leds took power. Integrated into shower profiles, showerheads and headers, spouts or lever handles, bathtub decks ... they give a new playful and poetic dimension to the room's luminous atmosphere. Allowing you to change the color and intensity of the light at will, these mini bulbs emulate the atmosphere of energizing red, soothing blue or refreshing green, each color awakening our senses and affecting our mood. Magical !

Magical. Hybrid lamp fuses water and light providing a peaceful and warm atmosphere thanks to a large head shower and shade shape. Available in two versions: wall or ceiling mounting and several finishes: chrome, nickel; brushed, golden, white and black appearance. "Lampshower", design by Nendo. Axor, Hansgrohe, from 1548 euros.

Axor, Hansgrohe

Towel dryer: the elegance of a practical heater

Another essential comfort equipment is the towel radiator, which is able to provide a smooth, homogeneous heat in the bathroom, while keeping towels warm. With hot or electric water, it comes in more and more minimalist designs that allow to integrate it in any space. To combine business with pleasure, it can also receive optional accessories: coat hook, rings, tablet, mirror and even a radio!

Wall-mounted steel towel warmer to be fixed horizontally. Available in hot water, electric or mixed version. White or chrome finish. "Kubik", Tubes, Worldstyle, from 554 euros.


A water softener for softer water

Soften the water for more well-being and less hassle


What if you offered healthier water in your bathroom? Among the water softeners, Aqua Perla brand BWT provides fresh, healthy and voluptuous water.