DIY deco that tempt us for Christmas


DIY deco that tempt us for Christmas

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Inspiration Pinterest Christmas is our favorite time for make DIYs which are beautiful in our decor. The desire to to please and to share makes us put hand in the dough for Christmas. Even with a short time it is possible to make yourself a Christmas decoration that our guests will appreciate. Between a DIY Christmas tree made of paper, a mural star made of wire and vegetables, place-holders for the Christmas table ... We are not lacking inspiration for the occasion. Discover 12 DIY decor that make us look for Christmas.

At Christmas, the originality is at the partywithout losing the focus of today's trends. Thus, tradition and the spirit of the times, combine in these Christmas DIY. Christmas tree, Advent calendar, wall decoration and Christmas table decoration, are renewed to satisfy the current DIY cravings, and make yourself your own decor.

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1. DIY Christmas deco: a conical fir paper

This elegant fir in Nordic style seduces us with its minimalism. Its geometric shape and clean lines give it a certain chic. Its black color adapts to a sober and refined interior. This year, let's live Christmas in the Scandinavian way.

What you need : the foot of a light, 2 lampshades, a roll of thick black paper, some white paper, scissors, a stapler and staples, double-sided tape and spray glue.

How to do : divert a fixture by removing the light bulb, cable and electrical outlet. Keep the shade fixed to the foot. Cut out 2 rectangles in the thick black paper in double-grape format 100 x 65 cm. On the lampshade, roll up the first rectangle like a collar following its rounded shape, and close the volume with double-sided tape. Secure it to the shade with staples at the collar. Do the same thing with a second lampshade, but close the volume conically above the stand, creating a nice tip. Stack it on the first volume, the second shade can be placed on the base of the first one. Add possibly cut stars in a white paper that you fix on the tree with bomb glue.

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2. DIY Christmas deco: a wall star made of wire and plants

Here is a decorative star plant that mixes tradition and trend, by beautifully comparing the Christmas mistletoe with eucalyptus. It is fixed to the wall or hangs for sublimate Christmas.

What you need : thick wire, 50 cm of 3 ribbons or lace, 2 small branches of eucalyptus, 1 small branch of mistletoe or holly, wire, 1 decorative subject to hang like a star.

How to do : shape a star with the wire, possibly using a pair of pliers. Do not forget to create a hanging eyelet on its top tip. Flat on a table, shape the branches in an aesthetic composition, adding the lace, and fix the set with a little thread. Then, fix the composition with the decorative subject on the star, always with thread. Hang the star by passing the ribbon through the eyelet.

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3. DIY Christmas deco: a centerpiece for Christmas decorated with candles

This support is both a candle holder and a decorative centerpiece for Christmas. Red, green, white and wood color combine in this Christmas wreath typical but no less original.

What you need : 4 candles and 4 candle holders, 4 decorative Christmas trees, wire, bright red pearls, pre-cut wood (or cork) cylinders and wood glue.

How to do : form a crown with the cylinders by sticking them against each other at different heights. Leave blanks to insert the feet of the 4 candle holders. Glue the fir trees on the crown between the candles. Thread the beads on a wire and surround your wreath with this garland.

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4. DIY Christmas deco: a photo wall in the shape of a Christmas tree

No room for a tree? This DIY solution allows you to take advantage ofa pretty Christmas tree who takes no place. A nice idea for customize your Christmas tree with his favorite photos.

What you need : 32 pictures in Polaroid format. Double-sided tape or adhesive paste.

How to do : choose the composition of photos of your choice by creating an interesting colorful harmony. If you wish to include some printed numbers on paper, to give a spirit of Advent to your Christmas tree, and why not even a printed star to fix it at the top? Start by fixing the first image at the top, then go down by gradually adding a photo: first 2, then 3, then 4 ... to obtain the shape of the tree.

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5. DIY Christmas deco: an Advent calendar on a deco scale

Divert for the holidays your decorative scale, practical for suspend Christmas topics. The object will make an original and trendy animation in a Christmas room.

What you need : a wooden ladder, hanging Christmas decorative subjects, 2 meters of a large wide ribbon, a stapler and staples, 24 small paper or kraft bags, labels and decal figures.

How to do : Decide on the small bags the numbers from 1 to 24. Do not forget to fill them with treats or small gifts. Close them with a staple. Secure with staples on the top bar of the ladder, 2 ribbons of 1 meter that will fall to the bottom of the ladder. It is on these that you just staple the small bags. Add here and there deco subjects, hung on the scale.

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6. DIY Christmas deco: place markers for the party table

Bring some greenery on your New Year's table, with these spirit-nature markers that invite the fir to the table.

What you need : thick paper labels, a pencil, a cutter, little fir branches.

How to do : from your most beautiful writing, write on the labels the names of your guests. On their upper part cut a notch with the cutter to allow you to insert the branches of fir.

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7. DIY Christmas deco: a vegetal candle holder for Christmas

These beautiful candlesticks play greenery and transparency with delicacy. A DIY easy and fast for a magical effect on a Christmas table.

What you need : candles, glass carafes with a fine neck adapted to the diameter of your candles, pretty branches, a beautiful string and paper labels.

How to do : start by fixing the branches behind candles by melting a little wax to let in the wood. Carefully put everything in the carafe and fix the candle on the candle holder. Wrap the neck of the candle with a string to which you attach the label.

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8. DIY Christmas decor: a branch decorated like a Christmas tree

We like the aesthetics of this very bohemian naked fir, decorated with poetry. A nice alternative for a fir tree without thorns.

What you need : a large and beautiful branch, a pot or basket, earth, decorative Christmas themes.

How to do : choose a beautiful branch that once fixed in a pot or basket with soil, will stand as a small tree. Dress it Christmas deco as you would with a fir tree.

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9. DIY Christmas deco: a starry Christmas wreath

The fir branches can serve our Christmas decor in a traditional way. It will be necessary to add some subjects "hand-made", in the trend, like stars in paper, for update your Christmas wreath.

What you need : beautiful fir branches, 1 meter wide ribbon, thread, stapler and staples, decorative subjects or gold or colored paper to make it.

How to do : form a circle with the fir branches, possibly helping you with wire. Secure with wire. Staple on the crown the decorative subjects or paper stars that you have made. Hang your crown with the ribbon.

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10. DIY Christmas deco: a very natural Christmas table decoration

The natural materials bring a lot of softness the decor of a gala table: jute, raffia, wood ... They dress plates, cutlery and towels in a jiffy. The proof in pictures and in a few words.

What you need : jute or raffia ribbon and beautiful pieces of wood.

How to do : tie the ribbon around each towel of your guests. Add under the link the branch of wood. There you go !

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11. DIY Christmas decor: a motley decorative pendant

here a Christmas mobile graceful and airy, which will bring a lot of poetry to the holidays. We like it decorated with Christmas topics of all kinds, associated with plants.

What you need : a solid wood branch of 1 m long, 1 m of fabric, 2 m of ribbon or lace, decorative and vegetal subjects to hang, multi-surface glue.

How to do : cover the branch with wrapped tissue strips. Let the glue dry. Tie 1 meter of ribbon at both ends to the ends of the branch to obtain a hook to suspend the whole ceiling. With lace, suspend your decorative subjects from the branch, with different heights.

The little more : ask, you too, small decorative birds on your branch.

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12. DIY Christmas deco: a deco and trendy himmeli

The himmeli is a traditional Finnish decoration. He seduces us for Christmas by his geometry and its apparent complexity, it is however a delight to realize it.

What you need : straws (hollow rods) made of plastic, a cutter, nylon thread and a needle.

How to do : imagine a model that you draw or search on the internet a particular model. From the template, set the number and size of chopsticks you will need. Cut in function. Start flat and form the volume little by little with one and the same thread, passing the needle through the straws as you would with pearls. Once the model is built, use the remaining wire to suspend the whole thing.

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